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Appreciation of Creative Mid-Autumn Mooncake Box

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-18

Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has had folk customs such as worshiping the moon, admiring the moon, and eating moon cakes, which have been passed down for a long time. In addition, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also the peak season for gift-giving. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the younger generation will send mooncake gift boxes to the elders, and mooncakes will also be given to relatives and friends as gifts when visiting relatives and friends. Nowadays, in addition to paying attention to the taste of moon cakes, people also pay more and more attention to moon cake gift boxes. Below, I will share with you a few very delicate and beautiful moon cake gift boxes.

Fairmont Singapore, Singapore

Eating mooncakes and tea during the Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a traditional Chinese culture. The bitterness of the tea adds a lot of richness to the mooncakes. This year, Fairmont Singapore's Mooncake Box is taking advantage of that. This mooncake gift box is not only designed with a space for packaging mooncakes, but also comes with a teapot and four ceramic teacups. When the mooncakes are finished, the box is an excellent tool for storing tea leaves and tea sets.

Regency Hotel

Regent Hotel truly combines Chinese and Western styles in its mooncake packaging, and the combination of mooncakes and cocktails also represents the inclusiveness of Chinese culture. The red leather packaging box has a very strong load-bearing capacity and can well protect the integrity of the food. The shelf inside the box can well separate mooncakes, cocktails and drinks.

Singapore Marriott Hotel

In addition to eating mooncakes and drinking tea during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the most important thing is to appreciate the moon. The appearance of the mooncake gift box at the Singapore Marriott Hotel is inspired by the Chinese character '月'. In addition to its exquisite appearance, it can also be a very good desktop organization tool. The drawer box can be used to store stationery and tableware, and the base can be used to place some small potted plants.


Tiffany also took a futuristic approach to that year's Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations by collaborating with American illustrator Christoph Niemann on a mooncake box in the shape of a rocket. In order to create an authentic Chinese taste, the brand cooperated with Shanghai Michelin two-star Cantonese restaurant Boheng 55 to make four flavors of mooncakes with high-quality ingredients such as black truffle and bird's nest.

Customized Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gift box is one of the best solutions to increase product sales. Through the above case of moon cake packaging box, I hope it can help to find some inspiration for packaging box customization.

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