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Customized Luxury Paper Shopping Gift Bags with Handle

Customized Luxury Paper Shopping Gift Bags with Handle
Fashion shopping paper bag factory price wholesale
Artwork file form
Shipping port
Ningbo port, Shanghai Port
Payment terms
T/T, West Union, Paypal , L/C
Eco-friendly, recycled, reusable
white,pink,orange,red,black or customized
28*20*10cm,32*25*11cm,35*30*10.5cm,43*32*14cm ect.
Ready sample for free, delivery charge is on clients; Customized Sample : $100/design. It takes 3days to finish sample.
yes, a large amount of ready stock

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why do people prefer to use paper shopping bags?

Shopping is people's favorite way of life and entertainment. For most of the female friends in the world, as long as they go shopping in the mall, they will inevitably buy some things that are needed for daily use, such as clothes, cosmetics, small accessories and so on.

When shopping in the mall, merchants will prepare shopping bags related to their own brand designs for consumers to load the products purchased by customers. Of course, there are many kinds of shopping bags that can be used for packaging in the market, such as plastic shopping bags, non-woven shopping bags or paper shopping bags.So why do people prefer to use paper shopping bags?

Features of paper shopping bags:                  

1. Eco-friendly and compostable

In comparison, paper bags are easily degradable and compostable green materials, and their use is more in line with people's values of green life and environmental protection in modern society than plastic bags and non-woven bags.

2. Beautiful and exquisite appearance

The printing performance of paper materials is good, and various brand logos and exquisite advertising patterns can be printed, which plays a very important role in product promotion, However, the publicity effect of plastic bags is not as good as that of paper bags.

3. Strong and durable, low economic cost

In use, paper shopping bags have a longer usable value than plastic bags. It is durable and economical.People will have an inexplicable sense of self-confidence when carrying them out on the street, which cannot be brought by plastic bags. Being able to use paper bags repeatedly is also a low-carbon way for people a way of life.

As a manufacturer with 15 years of paper packaging experience - Jialan Package,we now present you a series of eco-friendly fashion paper shopping bags.

Custom Printing Art

Hot stamping process
Hot stamping process
Iron silver process
Iron silver process
Bump process
Bump process
Gold printing process
Gold printing process

The use of paper bags in various industries

Customizable bags according to your needs

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