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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of Paper Packaging, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

General Applications for paper packaging

We can offer 5 white background photos of each product for free, thus you can upload to your website or other E-commerce platforms directly.

General Hot Selling Products

Our factory has a professional art design team. We can offer designs and Three-D animation for private customized packaging according to the customer's requirements.

Custom printed mailer box

Shipping carton box

  1.   Corrugated material, low cost
  2.   Lighter in weight
  3.   Easy to assemble
  4.   Safe shippment to protect products
  5.   Eco-friendly
  6.   Durable and strong

Wholesale paper bags

Packaging supplies gift paper bags

  1.   210g ivory paper, silver foil logo and wide ribbon handle
  2.   Rich printing effect
  3.   Cost-effective material
  4.   Sturdy and strong

Collapsible rigid gift box

Hot-sale foldable magnetic box in different color

  1.   1200g grey cardboard , luxury ribbon and strong magnets
  2.   Reduce the cost of storage and transportation
  3.   Easy to fold and unfold
  4.   Low processing cost
  5.   Durable and strong

wholesale jewelry boxes

Custom jewelry boxes

  1.   1200g grey cardboard, high quality satin and hot-stamp foil logo
  2.   Protection from damage
  3.   Huge Variety of shape
  4.   Additon of various inserts
  5.   Rigid and flexible

Wanna dig deeper in custom paper packaging?

There are more than 300 items in this catalog, you can leave us you email here and our experienced designner will contact with you within 24 hours.


The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Our warehouse in China can be 1 month free of use. You can take time to send more products to us, and we help you collect all products, consolidate them into one shipment for your cost. The storage volume ranges between 5-10cbm.

The Basic Knowlege About the Paper Packaging

In the following we will explain kraft paper packaging in different aspencts:

How to choose the best kraft paper to promote your products? 

  1. In the following we will explain kraft paper packaging in different aspencts:


  3. 1. Color difference

    There are two types of kraft packaging. One is kraft brown paper and another one is kraft white paper. They are all recyclable packaging.


    2. material difference

    Ordinary kraft brown paper is generally made of wood pulp. White kraft paper surface is made of bleached wood pulp, and the core and base are made of natural wood pulp.


    3. Price difference

    White kraft paper is more expensive than kraft brown paper., which is 30% higher. The main reason is the second point mentioned above. The difference in material is the biggest factor.


    4. Printing effect difference

    The color of kraft brown paper after printing is not as smooth as that of white kraft paper. Becasue kraft white paper is more fine than kraft brown paper, which means it can absorb more ink. The printing on kraft white paper will look richer and brighter. On the contrary, printing on kraft brown paper will look darker and a bit uneven.


    5. Application difference

    kraft white paper is mainly used for types of envelopes, portfolios, paper bags , shopping bags and holiday gift bags. At the same time, kraft brown paper is generally used for types of packaging materials, such as wine glass boxes, gift box packaging for sportswear, etc.; file bags, such as culture, education, hygiene, and file preservation of enterprises and institutions; shopping bags can also be processed, such as shopping bags commonly found in shopping malls and brand stores.

What is “ finishing “ in gift bags wholesale ?


  1. In different types of paper packaging ( gift bags and gift boxes wholesale ) , “Finishing” is the technical term in paper packaging industry. In short, it is the outter decoration for paper bag or packaging box. To make packging more pretty and valuble.

    There are different types of finishing . Such as foil (hot-stamp), glitter, UV, flocking , 3D, embossing.


  2. 1. Foil : It uses a certain pressure and temperature to make the template installed on the hot stamping machine to press the packaging and the hot stamping foil against each other in a short time, and transfer the metal foil or pigment foil to the hot stamping template according to the graphics and text of the hot stamping template.

  4. 2. Glitter : Put a layer of glue on the outfacce of paper first, then sprinkle glittering on the glue.

  6. 3. UV: It is ultraviolet light, UV is abbreviation, "UV transparent oil" is the full name, and the ink can be dried and cured by ultraviolet radiation.

  8. 4. Flocking: Put a layer of glue on the outfacce of paper firstand then paste a layer of material similar to fluff to make the paper look and feel a little fluffy.

  10. 5. Embossing : The process of making local changes to the printed object to form a pattern by pressure. The metal plate is corroded and becomes a pressing plate and a base plate for pressing.

    6. 3D: Add some external patches to make the bag more three-dimensional: Such as Diamond , tie-up, foam.

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