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Kids paper gift bags

Kids paper gift bags

Yiwu jialan package company produces many designs for baby girl, baby boy and kids. There are kids' birthday paper bag ,  baby showering gift bag, and happy children's gift paper bags. 

A large variety for kids to choose from . We choose different paper gram , such as regular 210g ivory paper, 157g art paper or 180g kraft paper .  And then in order to attract kids' attention, 

We applied different creative finishing on the bag. Like glittering, UV, hotstamping, 3D and die-cut. They all make the paper bags looks interesting and fun. Our clients give us feedback that 

many kids like our unique design gift paper bag. Sometimes, Our paper bag is not just a package stuff, but also a gift itself. Chirldren are very happy when they see an amazing paper bag. 

It can be a DIY house as well. Kids always like to play house. So we have this idea to design a house paper bag. it is great. 

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