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Custom Carton Boxes

Custom Carton Boxes



In 2020, people’s consumer’s habit totally changed all over the world.  Online shopping has been a very popular way of shopping. Custom carton boxes demand is increased rapidly.

This is a huge impact on physical stores. So there are many stores shut down. But some physical stores are smart and immediately changed their strategic direction moving to online stores. So all of sudden, there are 50% of online shops increased within a short time.

And online shops used to delivery out several products in one carton box for one person. But now, customers have high demands for products packaging. So it should be delivered separately by each carton box.

That’s why the sales for carton box increased a lot. And it is necessary to protect products from damages. Moreover, people all want to customize their logo on the carton box. Because it is the best and efficient way to promote their products. All carton box can be customized based on clients’ demands.

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