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Wine packaging

Enhance your spirit, package your passion, customization makes your wine packaging more attractive

Everything you need to know about custom wine Packaging...


What kind of wine packaging do you want to customize?


There are many types of wine on the market, and the packaging formats of wine are constantly changing. Customized and personalized wine packaging can make your wine brand more recognizable. We can customize many types of wine packaging, such as wine box packaging, wine bag packaging, wine glass packaging, wine opener packaging, etc.

What kind of material is more suitable for your wine packaging ?

Material is the first factor to consider before customizing the design of wine packaging. It determines to some extent the stability, storage and light protection of the wine in the package. A good wine packaging can perfectly display your wine. Get good protection.
The materials available on the market for wine packaging include high-end solid wood materials and cardboard materials, as well as economical gold and silver cardboard materials and corrugated paper materials.

Choose the materials that suit you for design to achieve the best display effect.

Customize Your Wine Packaging Boxes

Luxury Wine Gift Box,A must-have for fashionable wine exhibitions, large-scale holiday parties, and anniversary celebrations.

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