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Paper Gift Box

Paper Gift  Box

Jialan Package is the leading paper gift box manufacturer and wholesale gift boxes suppliers based in China. Whether from the selection of paper materials, design, production, and processing, we will make the best plan according to international standards and customer needs, so that every work, whether in aesthetics or quality, is full of imagination and vitality. Yiwu Jialan Package produces many different kinds of paper gift boxes. Such as drawer box, magnetic box, lid cover box, foldable flat box, and corrugated box. We can offer free designs for clients to choose from. But if clients want to customize their own gift boxes. It is okay too. We have been in the package business line for over 12 years. We are a professional wholesale foldable gift box factory and strict with quality control. That's why our old clients keep cooperating with us. 

If you are interested in our paper gift box and finding the foldable gift box factories, or wedding day gift box/Christmas packaging wholesale, feel free to contact us. 

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Gift packaging is important and is needed frequently, so there is huge demand for gift packaging box. Jialan Package is focusing on paper gift boxes for over 12 years. We have various types of  Christmas gift boxes wholesale, foldable boxes wholesale, and also professional OEM wedding day gift box supplier. No matter you are looking for manufacturer for Christmas gift box, wedding day gift box, birthday gift packaging or foldable boxes, we can provide good quality products & OEM/ODM service.

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