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Chinese customs and solar terms --- Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese customs and solar terms --- Dragon Boat Festival


The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is a very special day in China-the Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival that the Chinese people attach great importance to. Whether in the South or the North, there are customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. However, I personally feel that the Dragon Boat Festival in the south is more interesting than the Dragon Boat Festival in the north, and the atmosphere of the festival is more intense and more representative of the characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival set up to commemorate the great poet Chu Yuan, a great poet. Every time during the Dragon Boat Festival, every family packs dumplings, draws dragon boats, puts paper kites, sacrifices dragons, and wears five-color wisps.

Today I will tell you something about Zongzitraditional Chinese rice-pudding , which is my favorite food.

Zongzi is roughly divided into two types from the shape, triangle and strip. The coating is also divided into two types, reed leaves and bamboo leaves. Pick fresh reed leaves or bamboo leaves and boil them in boiling water to kill the toxins. After drying them to dry, they can be used to make dumplings.

The taste of Zongzi can also be divided into two types, sweet Zongzi and salty Zongzi, the northern preference for sweet Zongzi, the southern preference for salty Zongzi, the so-called north-south sweet and salty battle, the figure of Zongzi is also indispensable.

Sweet rice Zongzi: glutinous rice, lotus paste, bean paste, jujube, millet... salty rice Zongzi: glutinous rice, bacon, roast chicken, egg yolks, scallops, winter mushrooms, green beans, barbecued pork... and so on.

Put the wrapped Zongzi in a pot and cook them. When the Zongzi are cooked, you will smell the light bamboo leaves, which will fill the whole kitchen, and people will start to drool before seeing the Zongzi.

Untie the vines, peel off the leaves of the rice Zongzi, the reddish brown meat in the salted rice Zongzi, the white brown meat in the salted rice Zongzi all rise with steam, exuding a unique Zongzi fragrance. Two kinds of dumplings are placed on the plate, like two rubies, exuding alluring charm.

Every year, a lot of Zongzi are packed at home, one is for ancestor worship, and the other is to give to relatives and friends. Relatives and friends will also take their Zongzi as a return to thank us. Therefore, there are always rice dumplings that can not be eaten every year during the Dragon Boat Festival, and they are all different in taste and filling. They are very delicious.

So what do we use to decorate Zongzi when we give them to relatives and friends?

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After the advertisement is over, I am going to eat Zongzi. Do any friends want to eat Zongzi? Leave your address and I will send it to you.



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