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How to make paper gift bags step by step?

How to make paper gift bags step by step?


In our daily life, we always use exquisite handbags to hold gifts. Do you know the production process of these paper bags? We, Yiwu Jialan will explain to you today!

1. Design and material selection

The design and manufacture of paper bag is the key link of the whole paper bag production process. Most paper bags are the extension of corporate image and commodity advertising strategy, so the materials, decoration technology and forms of expression are closely related to the use and efficacy of paper bags. Kraft paper has good toughness, high strength and rough surface. Cardboard stiffness is good, but toughness is poor, used as paper bags generally need surface coating. Coated paper has a certain toughness, rich printing color, but the stiffness is worse than white cardboard. Kraft paper is the most popular choice for durability. When color and stiffness are stressed, white cardboard is mostly used, and colorful patterns are needed, people often prefer coated paper. In order to improve the taste and grade of hand-held paper bags, designers use their brains in the surface decoration process after printing. The flexible use of bronzing, UV, glazing, colorful, concave convex and flocking also makes the paper bag bright, three-dimensional and more expressive. Of course, no matter what finishing process is adopted, designers should consider the economic utilization of paper materials and the rationality of process design. In order to control the production and quality, it is necessary to make a set of complete and clear engineering drawings in the design, and in most cases, the products need to be proofed and confirmed. Proofing in design is not only the verification of technology, but also the basis of customer confirmation and production


2. Printing

Generally speaking, there are a lot of colors in large layout of handbags. It is recommended to use high-quality printing machine for printing. Good printing machine can control the ink quantity more evenly, and the color brightness is also better.


3. Film covering

Lamination, also known as post press over plastic, post press mounting or post press film, refers to a paper plastic finishing process by covering the surface of the printed product with a layer of 0.012-0.020 mm thick transparent plastic film, which is generally divided into pre coating and immediate coating. According to the use of different film materials, there are high light film and sub light film. With the use of environmentally friendly water-based solvents, the environmental protection of film covering process has been further improved. Non cowhide paper bags are mostly covered with membrane technology. The main reason is that film mulching can increase the concentration of color, and the product has good waterproof and dirt repellent properties. The physical properties such as anti-aging, tear resistance and anti pierce of paper are generally improved, and the fastness and strength of paper bags have been improved, and the bearing capacity has increased significantly. In particular, the use of Matt film can give people a soft, high-grade, comfortable feeling.

The paper bag laminating process should pay attention to the following points: ① select the appropriate laminating glue, especially the full plate metal ink products and the need for subsequent concave convex processing; ② control the speed of laminating and select the appropriate amount of sizing according to the speed of the vehicle; ③ The products that need to be coated must be dried thoroughly after printing, and the products that have just been coated also need to be placed for a period of time before rolling, cutting and concave convex processing; ④ the powder removal operation before coating must be carried out when the powder spraying is too large during printing; ⑤ the inspection of corona effect of the film should be strengthened. If you do not pay attention to the above control points, it is easy to cause quality accidents such as film peeling, blistering and pitting, and even lead to batch scrap.


4. Surface finishing

Stamping, UV, glazing and other printing surface finishing processes are widely used in the production of portable paper bags. It greatly meets people's pursuit of exquisite and high-grade paper bags. In the production process, we must also control these key points in the process.

Compared with gold stamping process, it has strong metal feeling, good consistency, bright color and rich three-dimensional feeling. Perfect bronzing effect depends on the organic coordination of temperature, pressure and speed of bronzing. During the hot stamping operation, we should pay attention to the following factors that affect the hot stamping effect: ① the surface flatness of the hot stamping products; ② the surface post printing process of the hot stamping products (film covering, oil, etc.); ③ the hot stamping suitability of the aluminum carbide used; ④ the state of the hot stamping plate and the hot stamping machine, etc. Hot stamping is a complex technology, in the process of hot stamping fully consider the influence of the above factors, it is possible to achieve satisfactory hot stamping effect.

Surface glazing process mainly refers to UV glazing and ordinary glazing. Polishing process can keep good gloss effect and improve the surface wear resistance of printing products, especially the use of UV glazing and local UV glazing in paper bag processing technology, which makes the printing layer of paper bag thick and dense, rich and moist luster, prominent printing theme and strong impression.

5. Die cutting

Die cutting process is the combination of die-cutting knife and indentation knife on the same template, using die-cutting machine to carry out die-cutting and indentation processing of printed products, also known as "rolling mark". It is an important process in the production of paper bags. The quality of die cutting directly affects the quality of paper bag forming and the efficiency of manual pasting.

The paper bag die-cutting process should pay attention to: ① select the correct template. Due to the similar shape of most paper bags and the small change of some sizes, the first piece must be made and checked against the engineering drawing to avoid using the wrong template. ② Control the working pressure. Requirements die cutting edge can not have burr, dark line clear fold, but also to avoid line explosion. Some paper bags die-cutting part of the dark line can not see the problem, but the manual folding bag paste system will break, so in the process of die-cutting to constantly try to do process inspection. ③ Considering the characteristics of the paper, along the direction of the paper thread, the paper is easier to fold, and the molding pressure can be smaller, while perpendicular to the direction of the paper thread, the paper is more difficult to fold, and the molding pressure can be increased locally. ④ Cardboard toughness is poor, such as no surface coating, special attention should be paid to die-cutting effect.


6. Handwork

Handcraft is the most special part in the making of portable paper bags. In addition to the auxiliary use of some semi-automatic equipment, mainly rely on manual completion, is the lowest efficiency of the whole paper bag process.

The hand-made hand-held paper bags have been basically formed. Some hand-held paper bags still have the last process, such as punching and threading, so as to complete the final forming and packaging of hand-held paper bags.


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