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How to choose a good paper gift bags manufacturer?

How to choose a good paper gift bags manufacturer?


With the rapid development of the global economy, people's demand for paper gift bags is still rising. It exists in human daily life, shopping, party activities, and is mixed in many industries such as food takeaway, milk tea and coffee, shoes and clothing gifts.


For a long time, the demand for paper bags has been changing with the changes in the market economy, and its production type and design style are becoming younger. In order to promote consumption, business owners and brands are more willing to realize its commercial value by customizing personalized gift bags. So, how to choose a good paper gift bag manufacturer?


First, clarify the needs and screen cooperation


Looking at the global paper bag manufacturing industry, there are no fewer factories that can help you make perfect paper gift bags, but this does not mean that they are all suitable for you. This will inevitably include some manufacturers that serve small-volume merchants and some factory manufacturers that only serve large-volume buyers.


Whether you need a small batch for special events or a large batch for retail purposes, what we need to do most is to sort out the actual use, design style, printing process and raw material selection of these paper bags before choosing, and finally select the paper gift bag manufacturer that suits you according to the quantity and controllable cost budget.


Secondly, communicate production and test results


A mature buyer usually adopts the principle of a small amount of testing before confirming that the manufacturer has really reached a cooperation, which is also the so-called sample trial order link. They will find multiple suppliers in different channels to conduct price testing and quality testing of printed paper bags, and finally ensure that the received goods meet their expectations.


Finally, confirm the factory and mass production


The ultimate goal of finding a good paper bag manufacturer is to ensure that production and delivery are completed within the specified time. Under a series of preliminary action tests, we can already judge whether to cooperate with it. If it is confirmed to be ok, then the subsequent production links can be carried out normally to ensure use.


Yiwu Jialan Package has been committed to providing high-quality paper gift packaging manufacturing services to the world. Our professional design team can produce 200+ new product designs per month to help customers seize the local gift market first.


Hot Selling Paper Gift Bag Categories From Jialan Package


Top1. Christmas gift bags


Every Christmas is a major festival for gift shopping, and it is also an important moment for people to enjoy happiness through advance consumption. According to data from the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans spend an average of $997.73 each Christmas. Of which $648 is used to buy gifts for family, colleagues and friends.

 Today, when the value of environmentally friendly consumption is constantly being promoted, paper Christmas gift bags can give people more security. Jialan Package's designers update Christmas gift bags that meet the needs of people in different countries' markets every year, and use rich designs and craftsmanship to attract consumers' attention. 

Top 2. Birthday Gift Bag


Birthday is a day that a person will commemorate every year since birth. Its arrival means that a person has grown up another year. We will celebrate birthdays for different people at different ages. Therefore, birthday gift bags are still one of Jialan Package's best-selling paper gift bags. We can use hot stamping, powdering, 3D foam and other different processes to make exquisite gift bags for scenes such as birthday cakes and birthday parties, so that people can fully experience the joy and ritual of birthday gift packaging.


Top3. Holographic gift bags


Holographic gift bags are the most shining existence in the entire paper bag market. They have completely changed the art of gift giving and brought futuristic elegance and vibrant charm to any occasion. These bags are decorated with glittering multi-dimensional patterns, attracting people's attention with their rainbow-like beauty and dynamic visual effects.


Summary: In fact, it is not difficult to choose a good paper gift bag manufacturer. The difficult part is the testing, comparison, docking and communication in the middle process. Jialan Package is a factory focusing on paper gift bags. We have a 7000working plant and an office building. Professional English salesmen will connect with you on production details and solve your wholesale gift bag problems one-on-one.


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