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Holographic Gift Bags for gift packaging

Holographic Gift Bags for gift packaging
Paper bag with holographic film
Finishing effect
holographic film
Artwork file form
Customized logo is available
Shipping port
Ningbo port, Shanghai Port
Payment terms
T/T, West Union, Paypal , L/C
Eco-friendly, recycled, reusable
stock bag size, or customized size
5000 pcs
free samples available
yes , stock is available

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Introducing our latest innovation: Holographic Gift Bags!


Are you looking to add a touch of magic and sparkle to your gifts? 

Look no further than our stunning Holographic Gift Bags! 

These bags are not just ordinary gift bags; they are a true visual delight that will leave your recipients in awe.

Mesmerizing Holographic Design

The holographic material reflects light in a dazzling array of colors, creating a mesmerizing effect that's sure to catch everyone's eye. It's like holding a little piece of the galaxy in your hands!


Premium Quality

Crafted with the finest materials, our holographic gift bags are sturdy, durable, and tear-resistant. 

They can easily carry various items, from small trinkets to larger presents, all while looking fabulous.


Multiple Sizes and Shapes: 

We offer holographic gift bags in various sizes and shapes to accommodate all kinds of gifts. 

Whether you need a small bag for delicate jewelry or a large one for clothing and accessories, we have you covered.


Versatile and Suitable for Any Occasion: 

From birthdays and weddings to holidays and special events, our holographic gift bags add an extra touch of elegance and uniqueness to any gift-giving occasion.


Environmentally Friendly: 

We are committed to sustainability, and our holographic gift bags are made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring you can dazzle your loved ones while being environmentally conscious.


Customization Options: 

Want to add a personal touch or showcase your brand? 

We offer customization services, including printing your logo or special message on the bags.


Product NameHolographic gift bags
Material120gsm coated paper, holographic film
HandleRibbion or PP handle
Size 11.5*14.5*6.5cm, 18*21.5*7.5cm,23*27*8cm,26*34*8cm,29*38.5*8.5cm,32.5*45*10cm,42*56*14cm
Ready sample for free, delivery charge is on clients; Customized Sample : $100/design. It takes 3days to finish sample.
ShippingBy sea( it takes 25-30days), by air ( it takes 7-10days
Scope of applicationChristmas gift packaging for various industries

Mesmerizing Visual Appeal: The holographic design creates a stunning and eye-catching display of colors that stand out from traditional gift bags. Your gifts will truly shine and leave a lasting impression on the recipients.


Versatility: Our holographic gift bags come in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for gifts of all kinds. Whether it's small jewelry or larger presents, we have the perfect bag to suit your needs.


Enhanced Gift Presentation: The holographic effect adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your gifts. It elevates the overall presentation, making your presents look more impressive and thoughtful.

Durable and Reliable: Crafted with high-quality materials, our holographic gift bags are strong and tear-resistant. They ensure that your gifts are securely held, avoiding any accidents or mishaps during transit.


Eco-Friendly: We prioritize sustainability and use eco-friendly materials for our holographic gift bags. By choosing our products, you contribute to a greener environment and demonstrate your commitment to responsible packaging.


Suitable for Any Occasion: From birthdays to weddings, holidays to corporate events, our holographic gift bags add a touch of uniqueness to every celebration. They are perfect for personal and business gifting alike.

Time-Saving and Convenient: Our holographic gift bags save you time and effort, as they are easy to use. No need for gift wrapping; simply place your gift inside, and the mesmerizing design does the rest.


Customization Options: Make your gifts even more special by customizing the holographic gift bags with your logo, brand name, or a personal message. It's an excellent way to leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Affordable Luxury: Holographic gift bags offer a touch of luxury and sophistication without breaking the bank. They give your gifts a premium look without the premium price tag.


Memorable and Instagram-worthy: The holographic effect is a favorite on social media. Your gifts will look so impressive that recipients might just want to share them with the world.

In summary, our Holographic Gift Bags provide a unique and visually stunning way to present your gifts. With their versatility, durability, and eco-friendliness, they ensure that your gifts are cherished and remembered long after they are opened. Make your gifts stand out with our holographic gift bags and make every occasion a magical experience!

Gold color with heart design holographic gift bag
Red color with heart design holographic gift bag
Blue color with rose design holographic gift bag

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