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Cartoon Kraft Paper Gift Bag For Kids Birthday Spot Wholesale

Cartoon Kraft Paper Gift Bag For Kids Birthday Spot Wholesale
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Why choose white kraft paper for Kids birthday gifts bags?

Celebrating children's birthdays is something every parent will do! Especially at the special moments when the child is one year old, three years old, six years old, eight years old, twelve years old, and eighteen years old, parents will hold more large birthday parties for the children, leaving more beautiful memories. 

On the child's birthday, parents usually prepare birthday cakes and birthday gifts for the child. In order to thank the friends for their arrival, the child will return carefully prepared gifts to every friend who comes.

The birthday gift bag is an indispensable existence in the children's banquet. We pack gifts in white kraft paper bags with cartoon color printing, which not only expresses our politeness and respect as hosts, but also teaches children the etiquette culture of interpersonal communication!

The advantages of choosing white kraft paper birthday gift bags:


Virgin wood pulp white cowhide material, food grade safe and reusable

1. Environmental protection material

This birthday gift bag is made of white kraft paper material, the material complies with FSC safety certification, low-carbon environmental protection, high reusable value.

2. Full-color printing, clear color
The paper bag is printed with advanced full-color technology, and the printed cartoon birthday pattern is clear and uniform in color, which meets people's aesthetic needs.


3. Low weight, strong bearing capacity

The weight of this paper gift bag is about 120gsm, and the handle is made of environmentally friendly paper twisted rope. The paper bag has a bearing capacity of about 10 catties, which can easily hold the gifts prepared by children.

4. Available in stock, can be customized gift paper packaging bags

In order to meet customers' ordering needs, Jialan Package has prepared the following two customization options.

·Spot paper gift bag

Spot orders can be ordered according to product pictures and sizes. Our minimum order quantity is 2000pcs.

                 Kids Brithday Gift Bags

White kraft paper printing cartoon birthday gift bag, suitable for birthday gift packaging

                 Gift Shopping Paper Bag

sStylish polka dot gift bag printed on white kraft paper, good packaging for boutique shopping

Holiday Paper Gift Bags

White kraft paper gift bags printed with love elements, suitable for holiday gift packaging for couples.

·Custom Personalized Gift Bags

Custom personalized gift bags is a custom option we prepare for customers, which is very suitable for some mid-to-high-end brand customers, such as milk tea beverage chain stores, clothing brand stores, perfume cosmetics gift stores, etc.


01.Custom printed logo

The logo is an important symbol of the brand, Jialan Package can print a personalized logo that can highlight your brand image on the paper bag, helping you create a deeper brand consumer impression in the market.


02.Customized paper bags size

Different sizes are suitable for packing different products. We have introduced two large-scale automatic bag folding machines, which can customize exquisite gift bag packaging suitable for your product size according to your needs.


03.Custom Paper bags Order Quantity

Our minimum order quantity is 1000pcs per design. While customizing, Jialan Package will carry out personalized customized production according to your needs for paper bag logo, pattern, size, material and handle!


 1.Can I have my product customized? 
Yes, we has strong experience on ODM/OEM. We can custom shape, material, size, graphic, log and surface treatments.

2.How can I custom my product?
If you have sample on your hand, you also send picture to us or send sample to us, we will quote the best price for you.
If you have design , pls kindly send it to us, we will quote the best price for you.
If you have no idea of what you really want or not familiar with the crafts or products, we would give you our professional suggestions and make the graphic design for you.

3.How long can I get a quotation?
Within 12 hours after we make requirement clearly. If urgently, please call us anytime.

4.What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 100 pcs for stock products. MOQ is 1000 pcs for customized products. If you need sample to check quality, 1pcs is acceptable.


5.Can I get free sample?

Limited support on the free sample is available for us, but we hope you can bear the freight. We have confidence with our product quality, and we believe you will be satisfied with it, but based on the fair business, we really don't wanna make the business costly especially at the beginning. That's not a good start of health business.Please consider our opinion.

6.How can I get sample to check quality?
After details is confirmed and sample fee is paid, we will produce and delivery the sample within 7 days.

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