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Four effective methods of tea kraft paper bags to prevent deterioration

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-25

As one of the three major beverages in the world, tea is famous for its natural, nutritious and health-care qualities. However, incomplete tea kraft paper bags often damage the shape, color, aroma and taste of tea leaves. Here, I remind everyone that in order to make tea can be stored and transported for a long time, tea needs effective packaging.

Tea contains various ingredients such as tea, aromatic substances, protein, chlorophyll, lipid, pectin and minerals. These ingredients are highly susceptible to deterioration due to moisture, oxygen, temperature, light and environmental odors. Therefore, when making tea kraft paper bags, the influence of the above components should be reduced or prevented. The specific precautions are as follows.

1. Moisture-proof: The moisture in the tea is the medium for the biochemical transformation of the tea, and the low moisture content is beneficial to the preservation of the quality of the tea. The water content in tea should not exceed 5%, and it should be 3% during long-term storage, otherwise the ascorbic acid in the tea will be easily decomposed, and the color, aroma and taste of the tea will change, especially at higher temperatures, the rate of deterioration. will speed up. Therefore, when packaging, you can choose a composite film with good moisture-proof performance, such as aluminum foil or aluminum foil evaporation film as the base material, as the packaging material for moisture-proof packaging.

2. Anti-low temperature: Temperature is a serious component that affects the quality of tea. The difference in temperature of tea kraft paper bags is 10℃, and the speed of chemical reaction is different by 3 to 5 times. Tea leaves will aggravate the oxidation of contained materials at low temperatures, resulting in rapid reduction of effective materials such as polyphenols and accelerated quality deterioration. According to the implementation, the storage temperature of tea leaves is achieved below 5 ℃. When the temperature is 10-15°C, the brightness of the tea leaves decreases slowly, and the brightness of the tea leaves can be maintained well. When the temperature exceeds 25°C, the brightness of the tea leaves will change faster. Therefore, tea is suitable for high temperature.

3. Shading: Light can promote the oxidation of chlorophyll and lipids in tea leaves, increase the odor materials such as valeraldehyde and propionaldehyde in tea leaves, and accelerate the aging of tea leaves. Therefore, when packaging tea leaves, it is necessary to Shading to prevent photocatalytic reactions of other components such as chlorophyll and lipids. In addition, the purple inner line is also a serious component that stimulates the deterioration of tea leaves. This problem can be dealt with using shading packaging technology.

4. Air resistance: The aroma of tea leaves is easily lost, and it is easily affected by external odors. In particular, the residual solvent of the composite film and the peculiar smell caused by the heat-sealing process will affect the flavor of the tea leaves and make the aroma of the tea leaves affected. to influence. Therefore, when packaging tea, it is necessary to avoid escaping aroma from the packaging and absorbing odors from the outside world. The packaging material of tea must have a certain function of blocking gas.

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