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The advantages and shortcomings of paper bags

The advantages and shortcomings of paper bags


Currently, the paper bags are widely used in various industries.  But how much do you know about paper handbags? As the most widely used packaging paper bags, it can be said that there are many advantages. Today we will talk about the advantages of the paper bags and the shortcomings.




1. No matter what the shape of the product is, it can be packed into a paper handbag with the corresponding size.


2. Convenient to carry, it is to allow consumers to carry the purchased items more conveniently.


3. Different design can be printed on the surface of the paper bag, and the effect is very good. And, even different effects can be printed according to different finish. It can also play the role of brand promotion, with the logo printed on the paper bag.

4. Environmental protection. In fact, another reason that so many businesses choose to use the portable paper bags is environmental protection. It is easily decomposed, recyclable, and does not cause pollution. After the paper bag is used, it can be recycled, but the general plastic bag is not possible, so the use of paper bag is more in line with the current environmental protection call.




Usually, the paper bags are not very load-bearing, and if they are not coated, they are not waterproof and are not easy to store.

Paper bags have muliti uses, they can be used as paper shopping bags, paper gift bags, paper grocery bags, etc.

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