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Reduce white pollution, start with you and me - Paper Bags

Reduce white pollution, start with you and me - Paper Bags


On January 8, 2008, the General Office of the State Council of China issued the "Notice on Restricting the Production and Use of Plastic Shopping Bags". From June 1, the nationwide ban on the production and sale of ultra-thin plastic bags and the implementation of plastic bags Paid use system.
I believe this policy will not be unfamiliar to everyone. Even many countries have already implemented this policy before China. So what packaging do we use under this policy?

That's right, paper bags!

The biggest benefit of the paper bag is environmental protection, because after being thrown away as garbage, the paper bags can be quickly degraded under the natural action of microorganisms, water, oxygen, etc., and decomposed into harmless substances.
Unlike plastic bags, one is chemical products, and some bad businesses use toxic plastics such as polyvinyl chloride as food bags, which will affect people's health after a long time. The second is that plastic bags are not easy to degrade and cannot return to nature for a hundred years or more, which we call white pollution.

From now on, refuse to use plastic bags, starting with you and me!

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