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How much carton box cost?

How much carton box cost?


Delivery carton boxes are generally made of corrugated paper. There are three and five layers for the carton box. The three layers are divided into a type, b type and e type. Most delivery boxes are made of b-type and e-type. According to different purposes, it can be divided into cosmetic carton box, spring and summer fashion carton box, T-shaped box, winter carton box, small accessories carton box, etc. The price for carton box depends on the material, size and quantity. Different types of corrugated carton box have different price. 

Yiwu Jialan package company offers ready stock and accepts customized order. And Chain carton is a new form of packaging, which has the characteristics of improving users’ experience, improving packaging efficiency, reusing, and being more environmentally friendly.

In the design of the zipper carton, the zipper is considered in the structure to realize the self-contained zipper function on the ordinary corrugated carton. The seal is self-adhesive to complete the sealing, which is convenient to use and reduces the labor cost by 30%; the self-contained zipper makes it easy to open the box and solves the user In addition to the inconvenience of unpacking. It adds to the experience of unpacking. Ordinary corrugated boxes are common general-purpose cartons in our daily lives. Sealing the boxes with tape makes them inconvenient to use. So this is a good choice to lower down the cost. 


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