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How many cartons are recycled every year?

How many cartons are recycled every year?


Cardboard is one of the most commonly used materials in the modern world and has been used for more than a century. In the business world, most retail and wholesale goods have some kind of cardboard packaging.

Since 2020, people's shopping methods have been changed due to the global pandemic. More and more people have begun to choose online shopping. The skyrocketing order volume has used a large number of express boxes, which also makes express box manufacturers in European and American countries. Facing problems such as insufficient production capacity.

About 80% of all products sold in the United States and the European Union are packaged in cardboard. After one-time use, more than 95% of man-made cartons are discarded. Especially with a box for transportation. However, about 10% of the manufactured cartons are reused.

Therefore, this means that approximately 90 billion cardboard boxes are discarded every year. Approximately 75 billion cartons are recycled every year.

In the United States, 85 million tons of paper are recycled every year. More than 75% of this comes from cardboard boxes. But about 50% of recycled materials come from cardboard boxes. On average, about 12 trees are needed for a ton of paper. Therefore, using recycled cardboard, the United States can save more than 3.15 million trees to produce paper products every year (please note that more than 90% of recycled paper is recyclable).

These frightening statistics indicate a huge demand for recycling, and this is exactly what everyone needs to participate in. Although it is difficult to view statistics on the amount of cardboard wasted each year, the recycling statistics also indicate that some measures can be taken.

As the world gradually begins to lose natural resources, technological progress should be able to make production sustainable. However, this possibility needs to be delayed as much as possible.

Therefore, it is vital that recycling is a key part of everyone's lifestyle. If we realize that these corrugated boxes can be recycled, then they may have a lasting impact on our planet in the most positive way.

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