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Hollywood star Shian LaBeouf paper bag hedging

Hollywood star Shian LaBeouf paper bag hedging


 The most eye-catching person at the press conference was the actor Shian LaBeouf, who covered his head with a paper bag, revealing a pair of eyes. In the publicity activity the day before, Shia LaBeouf appeared in casual clothes, his pants and shoes were covered with mud and dirt, and the rough appearance made people dumbfounded on the spot. It seems that the bad Hollywood boy does not intend to converge.


  The movie "Female Addict" starts from the perspective of a female sex addict, telling her journey of sexual desire from birth to 50 years old, as well as a complicated and diverse life, which is accompanied by associations and unexpected events. The first half of the film will be presented in a purely comic manner, but the second half will turn into darkness, and finally end with a tragic ending.

       It is reported that the trailer of "Female Addicts" was banned for being too erotic, and many Hollywood stars are willing to perform in this controversial movie because the director can directly point to the deepest desires of people's hearts and is not limited to false morals. specification.

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