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Four commonly used material selection guide for gift boxes

Four commonly used material selection guide for gift boxes


You are ready to find a professional packaging factory to complete the company's gift box design order. When communicate with the business about the material selection of customized gift boxes, are you confused ?You don't know which cardboard material to choose for gift box is better.

In fact, these are also the problems that our salesmen often encounter when communicating with customers. Because some junior salesmen don't know much about the materials commonly used in gift boxes, they have no idea at all when choosing customization. Today, Jialan shares with you four commonly used materials in the gift box market and their usage instructions, so that you can quickly choose in business communication.

1. Gray cardboard

Grayboard paper is the most commonly used environmentally friendly packaging material in the production of carton boxes in the packaging industry. It is a cardboard made of recycled waste paper. Its thickness is between 1mm and 3mm, and its pressure resistance is very strong. In daily life, gray cardboard is widely used in the field of barrier packaging with high strength requirements for waterproof and moisture resistance.

The manufacturing process of gray cardboard is relatively simple, and it needs to go through the steps of shredding, refining, sieving, thinning, and mixing. It has a flat surface, just stick a layer of finely printed paper, such as art paper, tactile paper, coated paper, special paper, etc., it will turn into a perfect gift box for your brand packaging.

At the same time, in the world of high-end gift boxes, gift boxes made of gray cardboard also occupy a very high position. If you need more durable materials for high-end gift box packaging, you can consider gray cardboard. Most of the high-end health care products and cosmetics industries choose gift box packaging made of gray cardboard materials.

2. White cardboard

When it comes to white cardboard, some friends may say, "Isn't it just used to make paper bags?" Indeed, white cardboard is used in many places in life to make paper bags, but this does not mean that it is only used for paper bags. Suitable for making paper bags. It is also used by people to make the inner packaging of gift boxes, and even cartons. Cartons made of white cardboard are more suitable for some lightweight products, such as silk scarves and ties.

In the production process, the gift box packaging made of white cardboard is simpler than that of gray cardboard, because it only needs to be printed on white cardboard and then covered with a film or printed with exquisite patterns. The gift box made of white cardboard needs to reach more than 300g, similar to the single mooncake package in many high-end mooncake boxes, which is made of white cardboard.

The carton made of white cardboard is called flexible packaging. It is mainly folded flat in transportation. Many bakeries also choose white cardboard boxes for the small cake packaging boxes. If you are in the food industry, then I recommend that you choose white cardboard for product packaging.

3. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is the most environmentally friendly paper in the food industry. In addition to its strong resistance to low temperature and high temperature, it also has good waterproof and oil-proof effects. The carton packaging produced with kraft paper can give people more sense of food safety.

With the advancement of modern technology, environmentally friendly kraft paper packaging can also print many exquisite patterns. If you want your brand packaging to be more recognizable, you can print unique colors and brand LOGO. For how to complete this project, you can consult the Jialan Package team. We have professional designers and salesmen who can provide you with products One-stop service for carton packaging design.

4. Corrugated paper

Packaging made of corrugated paper has been around for over 100 years since its invention. Over time, the structure of corrugated boxes that can be used for long-distance transportation has also changed a lot. There are five types of corrugated paper: A, B, C, D, E, and F, and its structure is also divided into three layers and five layers.

These types of designs allow brands to design and find factories to produce customized corrugated box packaging according to their own needs, which is the main reason why corrugated boxes are popular with home appliance brands and small e-commerce company operators.

If you want to know more about the custom material of gift boxes, or need to customize the packaging of your brand gift box, please contact us in time. Jialan Package, a professional gift box packaging custom manufacturer in China, a gift box packaging supplier worthy of your trust!


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