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Why are more and more brands choosing sustainable packaging?

Why are more and more brands choosing sustainable packaging?


Since human society entered the 21st century, the environment we live in has begun to undergo significant changes. From the accelerated melting of glaciers in the Antarctic and South Pole to flash flood disasters such as volcanic eruptions and mudslides, to the current biochemical weapons, the outbreak of various epidemics. All these seem to remind human beings to treat the earth kindly, protect the natural environment for human survival, reduce the pollution of chemical gases and plastic waste, and reduce the carbon footprint of travel!

We all know that an important reason affecting the ecological balance of human beings is "plastic pollution". According to relevant statistics, about 8 million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year, and most of these plastics are non-degradable pollutants. They will not only erode the land, but also pollute the sea area, which will eventually destroy the ecology on which we live lock up.So ,what does this have to do with brands choosing sustainable packaging?

As early as the 19th century, a joint research team of 78 scientists from 24 countries found that global temperatures began to enter a warming track by studying climate change data for nearly 2,000 years. An important factor affecting global warming comes from greenhouse gas elements such as carbon dioxide produced by human activities.

There are relevant records in the process of historical development. As early as 1985, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air increased from the original 318PPM to 415PPM. In the 1850s, the emergence of heavy machinery such as steam engines and trains began to release a large amount of carbon dioxide. Until now, human civilization has advanced further, and our clothing, food, housing, and living equipment have become more advanced, and these items made with advanced technology have further accelerated the rate of global warming.

To reduce the carbon footprint of human activities, the World Health Organization is calling for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty to phase out coal and other atmospherically harmful fossil fuels in a just and equitable manner. In the field of packaging, we all know how much environmental pollution caused by disposable and refractory plastic packaging, and the main body that can really promote the development of sustainable packaging circular economy is consumers, only we continue to strengthen our awareness of environmental protection, In order to further influence enterprises to establish a sustainable recycling system and use easily degradable packaging.

Under the influence of climate change and social education in recent years, major brands have realized that the sustainable development of enterprises is an important factor in extending the entire product and even the life cycle of the enterprise. As sustainable packaging is gradually entering people's lives, international big brands such as KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks, Nestle, Chanel, Lancome and so on have begun to turn to sustainable green packaging to shape the quality of products with green, simple and low-carbon economic packaging Influence.

Below, Jialan will share with you the five most popular sustainable packaging in the market for consumers to use as a reference design for brands, and customize creative packaging that is exclusive to your brand's product concept.

1. Renewable corrugated packaging

Renewable corrugated paper refers to paper that has been sorted and selected from waste paper recycling, soaked and rebuilt. This recreated paper can be processed into a range of product packaging including corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and more.

If you want to transform the packaging boxes made of these papers into a more individual character and highlight your brand image, you only need to find a professional packaging processing factory to help you design and print the effect you need.

2. Organic cornstarch packaging

We all know that the source of cornstarch is plant corn. Under the modern and new scientific and technological research, people have been able to successfully convert the organic materials in cornstarch into eco-friendly packaging. In life, the packaging made of organic corn starch is mostly disposable degradable tableware. And these green, environmentally friendly disposable organic lunch boxes are very popular in the fast food delivery industry.

3. Mushroom packaging

Mushrooms can also be used for packaging, and when it comes to this, you must not believe it. Maybe you don't know why mushrooms can be packaged, and you don't know what effect the packaging made of mushrooms has. In fact, mushroom packaging is created using cleaned and ground agricultural waste. They are grown from a matrix of many mushroom roots fused together by drying the fungus, which normally takes only a few weeks to degrade naturally. This type of packaging is mostly used in commercial use as lining protection materials for products.

4. Organic Textile Packaging

Organic textile packaging is mostly made of hemp, cassava, palm leaves, recycled cotton, etc. Because these materials come from the natural environment. Their degradation cycle is shorter than that of plastics. In industrial production, people often use these organic textiles to make bags and bags.

5. Renewable plastic packaging

Plastic packaging can be seen everywhere in life, but the plastic packaging that many companies choose are non-degradable polyethylene materials. The environmental pollution of such packaging cannot be budgeted for. In order to reduce the use of non-degradable plastics, scientists have developed a microorganism that can replace the accelerated degradation of plastic packaging. In the current social environment, companies such as Nestle, Pepsi, and Bacardi are introducing this new type of degradable PHA plastic packaging.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of sustainable development of circular packaging. So, how do we choose gift wrap suppliers that are environmentally friendly and company friendly? Please continue to pay attention to this website, and the next issue will take you to learn more about packaging!

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