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Why are flower boxes now popular instead of bouquets?

Why are flower boxes now popular instead of bouquets?


Buying flowers and consuming most of the time is a kind of spiritual satisfaction. For people who love flowers, the flower box and the bouquet are the same when they are opened. After all, they must be placed in the vase, but when the flower is received, the flower box and the bouquet are the same. In an instant, the feeling is completely different.

1. The mood of receiving flowers is different

The bouquet is completely visible. The florist will directly hand the bouquet to the recipient when sending the flowers, and the recipient will check the sender's information after signing the receipt. Except for the surprise when receiving the flowers, it is basically over. But the flower box is different. After receiving it, the collectors still need to open it layer by layer. In addition to surprises, there are more expectations.

2. The packaging is suitable for different people

Generally, 11 roses are given, 19 roses, 33 roses are more. The gift box space is relatively limited, so as long as you choose the appropriate wrapping paper to ensure the freshness of the flowers, you can basically ignore the requirements for the flower arrangement, because the gift box looks relatively high-end, and it will be more beautiful when opened.

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