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Which problem in the printing paper bag is the most serious one affecting customization?

Which problem in the printing paper bag is the most serious one affecting customization?


Effect of printing paper made the process as early as the tang and song dynasties actually started to begin to produce the printing, just at the time of substrates and substrates are slowly changing now, so since the printing technology of packaging plant is so long, but in many ways but still seem a bit at odds, and the generation or even to eliminate the edge? So what are the problems faced by the traditional printing process for customized handbags?

The most serious is the problem of environmental protection, for the last several years, the environmental protection, pay more and more attention to the protection of the environment and the emission standards are gradually shrinking, it is gradually shrinking for printing paper bags made the development of space, largely because of printing ink materials problem, to the many chemicals, emissions from paint is the most serious, so many small factories making bag at the end of the year, choosing the secret processing or go out of business, because they do bag cost is overweight, and do not want to make filtering, so will cause the environmental protection department in a fine, This series of problems are real, and so far there is no good solution to this problem.

Then there are a lot of friend be puzzled, don't now technology development to meet the printing paper bags made environmental protection requirements, in fact is not, also mentioned above, emission filter processes improper, not enough or equipment is not good enough, so can't meet, want to achieve this standard, paper bags custom manufacturers need to have a certain financial strength, to buy the equipment, and the equipment is not generally small workshops can afford to, so just don't got, and the wool is on sheep's body, big manufacturer price is too expensive because of all sorts of equipment costs are slow to come over, and small workshops without these costs, So it's a lot cheaper, and if they get these devices, their costs will go up, and they're not competitive with the scale of the reputation that the big manufacturers have in front of you.

Since there is no purchase printing processing paper bags made suitable machine, it can choose a few good environmental protection material on raw materials, the cost is cheaper than buying a good hundreds of thousands of machines, in theory, yes, but a lot cheaper in green ink is not imagination, and the environmental protection of the ink is quite expensive, instead, at least, is the color of the cost of more than 200%, so can make a lot of small workshops, did not choose to give them too much, so can printing on environmental issues has been working on holding bag is for several reasons for this.)

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