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What things should be paid attention to when making paper bags when printing

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-22

Paper bag making and printing manufacturers will involve many problems in the process of making paper bags, especially the treatment of ink. If the printed paper bags are made improperly, there will be many problems. So what should we pay attention to when making printing paper bags? The editor will organize the following seven points for you.

1. Hand-held paper bags are often made of whiteboard paper with a basis weight of 250-400g/m2, and the paper is relatively thick. Therefore, when making paper bags, the adjustment of printing pressure is more demanding. When adjusting, the center distance between the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder remains unchanged, and only the center distance between the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder is adjusted. When the printing weight is 250-450g/m2 whiteboard paper, the center distance of the cylinder can be extended by 0.20-0.40mm. In addition, due to the poor surface smoothness of white paper, and its tightness is far less than that of coated paper, therefore, it is necessary to increase the printing pressure accordingly. To adjust the printing pressure, you can also use the method of increasing or decreasing the thickness of the blanket cylinder.

2. Treatment of different kinds of inks. In the process of making and printing paper bags, pay attention to the use of the same ink. Do not mix inks of different properties. If the two are not compatible, it will affect the quality of paper bags.

3. Pay attention to the influence of environmental factors in the paper bag making and printing process. When printing, you must ensure the nature of the ink, avoid direct sunlight, and maintain the indoor temperature, preferably within 10-26 degrees Celsius.

4. Pay attention to the handling of ink. In the process of paper bag making and printing, if the ink is not regularly stirred, it is easy to stick, which will affect the overall presentation effect of paper bag making. But also be careful not to dilute it too much, as the printed product will have color difference, and thickener can be added to adjust it appropriately.

5. In the printing process, it is also necessary to give full play to the role of water. It can effectively control the viscosity of ink and can also balance the pH value. If it is found that the pH value is not controlled between 8.5 and 9.5, water or a pH stabilizer should be added to adjust it.

6. Pay attention to the effect of dryness. Paper bag production is a kind of high-speed printing. The printing process is very fast, so there are certain requirements for the dryness of the ink. If the drying speed of the ink is too slow, you can add a desiccant to increase its drying speed. When the ink is not dry, printing will easily cause the layout to become dirty and dirty, which will also affect the overall printing efficiency.

7. Cleaning. After printing, the equipment should be cleaned. It should be cleaned when the ink on the equipment is still in a viscous state, so that the cleaning speed can be increased. If it cannot be cleaned with water, some cleaning agents can be added appropriately.

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