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What is the difference between corrugated box and cardboard box?

What is the difference between corrugated box and cardboard box?


Cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes are two types of packaging that are often used in our lives, but most people don't know much about these two types of packaging. This situation also makes some people directly regard corrugated boxes as cardboard boxes.

But, you know what? In the world of packaging, professional brand buyers will be more inclined to choose corrugated boxes as product packaging or express packaging. What is this for? Today Jialan Packaging teaches you how to distinguish between cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes.

About cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes,We can distinguish it from the following three aspects:

1. The difference of production raw materials

Under normal circumstances, the raw materials used in the production process of cardboard boxes are mostly thick pulp/heavy pulp made of natural trees. These heavy pulps are also commonly used raw materials in the production of household paper, cards, books, etc.

The main raw material used in the production of corrugated boxes is cardboard. The raw material that can be used to make corrugated cardboard is base paper. The material of base paper is divided into K.A.B.c.3 five different types of paper. To a greater extent, it shows the difference between it and the carton.

2. Differences in structural properties

The composition and structure of cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes are still very different in nature, and the difference itself is related to the raw materials they use. Through the comparison pictures of cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes, we can clearly see the difference in their structural properties.

Most of the corrugated carton packaging structures on the market are V-shaped, U-shaped and UV-shaped corrugated corrugated designs. In order to make it more resistant to pressure, people will put the liner paper and corrugated sticks together and process them into V-shaped, U-shaped, UV-shaped corrugated shapes during production. This structure also makes it cushioning and compression resistant. , The load-bearing capacity far exceeds that of cardboard boxes.

3. Differences in daily use

In the era of e-commerce information exchange, people's lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes. The rise of cross-border e-commerce and social media live broadcast sales has made many young people who have just started their own businesses. Cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes have also become two types of packaging that brand merchants often use in sales.

Due to the limitations of the properties of cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes, cardboard box factories are used by people to package some lightweight products. The super load-bearing and compressive properties of corrugated boxes also determine that it has higher commercial value. For example, brand owners in the express delivery industry, cosmetics industry, and footwear and clothing daily chemical industries prefer to choose products with higher strength. And practical value corrugated boxes are used as outer packaging for product transportation transactions.

Although there are many differences between the two types of packaging cardboard box and corrugated boxes, they also have some commonalities. Their commonality comes from the print design.Jialan Packaging has experienced designers and professional printing design and plate making masters. We can print your brand logo and pattern through advanced printing technology, giving cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes a new vitality.,Bring more benefits to your business.


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