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What is flexible packaging? What is the market prospect of flexible packaging paper?

What is flexible packaging? What is the market prospect of flexible packaging paper?


The essence of "packaging" is to dress up and decorate, to endow a simple product with higher commercial value, and to bring consumers a new visual experience and comfortable use. In the world of packaging, there are two extreme opposites, one is hard packaging, the other is flexible packaging, they are interdependent and competing with each other.

In today's article, Jialan will take you into the world of packaging to gain an in-depth understanding of "what is flexible packaging, and the forecast and analysis of the development prospects of the flexible packaging paper market in the next 10 years", to help you make further business investment planning, choose Reliable supplier of flexible wrapping paper.

What is flexible packaging?

In the modern economic system market, flexible packaging refers more to an economical, customizable method of packaging products using non-rigid materials. Flexible packaging is generally composed of materials such as paper, plastic, film, aluminum foil, etc., and it is more cost-effective to use than rigid packaging.

In the sustainable development circular economy system, flexible packaging is mostly used by multifunctional packaging industries such as food and beverage, personal care, and medicine.

Forecast of the development prospect of the global flexible packaging paper market from 2022 to 2032

1. Market demand drives the growth of flexible packaging paper

According to the development report of fmI flexible packaging market (2022-2032), the food industry has obvious demand for flexible packaging paper, and the demand and use of innovative flexible packaging paper in industries such as candy, snacks, and coffee have surged. In this huge market demand environment, the flexible packaging paper market will usher in a compound annual growth rate of 4%, which is undoubtedly good news for food and personal care flexible packaging paper suppliers!

2. Regional analysis of global market distribution of flexible packaging paper

Judging from the development of the flexible packaging market around the world, North America is still the main battlefield for the growth of the flexible packaging market, and the Asia-Pacific region has also begun to shift from the use of plastic flexible packaging to environmentally friendly and sustainable paper flexible packaging. The possibility of market growth through flexible packaging paper is slightly weak.

If you are also optimistic about the development prospects of the flexible packaging paper market, you want to expand your business in the global region. Then there are opportunities for growth through North America, Asia Pacific and other regions.

How to choose a reliable supplier of flexible wrapping paper?

In life, the application of flexible packaging paper can be said to be ubiquitous, which has a lot to do with the consumer demand of various industries. For example, in the food industry, they often use various types of flexible wrapping paper, such as sandwich wrapping paper, butcher paper, coated kraft paper, cheese paper, dry wax paper, etc. So, how do we choose a reliable supplier of flexible wrapping paper?

1. Do you have a safety production certificate?

The safety of food packaging paper has always been a topic that everyone pays attention to. When choosing a flexible packaging paper supplier, we need to pay attention to whether it has the safety production certificate required for various types of flexible packaging paper.

2. Video inspection of factory production compliance

We can intuitively understand their production scale, production environment, and whether they have high-standard dust-free workshops and whether they have control over production quality through the online video communication with their enterprises.

3. Whether there are various media platforms

In the era of social media, no company will give up the opportunity to achieve exposure through social media and other platforms. When choosing a flexible packaging paper supplier, we need to consider the company's exposure on various platforms, and we can also gain an in-depth understanding of the company's cultural environment and comprehensive quality through their daily activities, and whether they can provide reliable orders to complete after-sales services and other issues. .

Based on this, Yiwu Jialan Packaging Products Co., Ltd. will indeed be a good supplier of flexible packaging paper. We have advanced production machines for flexible packaging paper, flexible packaging gift boxes, and flexible packaging gift bags, which can reach the high standard of 8w per day, and professional The sales will connect with you about the production of the order, and help you check every link of the production through the video until the order is completed and shipped!

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