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What is carton box?

What is carton box?


Corrugated board: by the box cardboard box through corrugated processing into corrugated bond and become a board. Carton boxes can be divided into half height boxes and full height boxes. 

The corrugated board is mainly divided into single-sided corrugated board, three layers of corrugated board, five layers of corrugated board and seven layers of corrugated board. Single-sided corrugated board is mainly used as buffer packaging material. Its structure is formed by a piece of corrugated paper on the side of a paper combination.


Three layers of corrugated carton are mainly used for packing the inner packing of lightweight. Three layers of the corrugated carton are also called single corrugated board. Its structure is composed of a formed corrugated paper with surface paper on both sides.


The five-layer corrugated carton is mainly used for single packaging of lightweight and fragile contents; Five layers of the corrugated carton is also called double corrugated board, referred to as three yellow two tiles in the past. The structure of the five-layer corrugated box is a surface paper, paper, paper, and two pieces of corrugated paper, corrugated type usually used AB, AC, BC, AE or BE type.


The seven-layer corrugated carton consists of the following cardboard and three-layer corrugated carton board (mainly used for heavy goods packaging, such as motorcycles); By the surface paper, corrugated paper, core paper, corrugated paper, core paper, corrugated paper, paper bonding. The composition of the corrugated type usually adopts BAB type, BAA type, CAC type or BAC type.     

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