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What industries are driving the development of European heating?

What industries are driving the development of European heating?


This winter, people living in various European countries are feeling a little cold. As the Russian-Ukrainian war broke out again, the explosion of the Crimea Bridge damaged the "North Stream" pipeline that transports natural gas from Russia to Europe. As for the biggest impact of this event on the European people, it is "cold".Yes, when the winter season comes, European people must prepare for the winter. Many people start to cut down trees and burn them for heating, and many friends choose to buy tools that can be used for heating in large quantities. 

At this time, the eight-piece sets that China must have for winter, such as autumn clothes, long pants, bare leg artifact, flannel pajamas, heaters, hand warmers, turtleneck sweaters, hot water bottles and other heating products are selling like crazy in European countries. So, in the face of the energy crisis in Europe, what industries have been promoted behind the heating problem?

1. Electrical industry

The Nord Stream pipeline ruptured and the biggest challenge facing the people of Europe was heating. Without the support of natural gas energy, they must find a solution to the heating problem from elsewhere. While solving the problem of "coldness", the major electrical appliance brands have experienced unprecedented growth. Only from the data of heat pumps, water heaters, and electric blankets exported to the EU from China's customs, it has increased by 114.8% from January to August.This shows how much the European natural energy crisis has affected the electrical appliance industry.

2. Apparel industry

When it's cold, we need to add clothes, which is a truth that we all know. To resist the cold winter, people will also work hard on their clothing, choosing some clothes with strong thermal properties, such as down jackets, turtleneck sweaters, bare-legged artifacts, etc. In response to this wave of cold waves in Europe, even French President Emmanuel Macron and French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire also began to wear turtleneck sweaters and successfully brought goods for "high-neck sweaters", and women in some European countries also began to wear turtleneck sweaters. Crazy snapping up bare leg artifact.

According to data from the AliExpress platform, since October this year, the sales of thermal underwear in China has increased by 246% compared with the previous day, while the high-speed clothes and long pants in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and other countries have achieved more than three times the speed increase.

3. Tourism industry

In order to reduce energy consumption, change the cold climate environment. Some European governments have proposed plans to travel to warmer regions for the winter. At the same time, some people are ready to go to a warm city for winter, which invisibly promotes the development of the tourism industry.

4. Express delivery industry

In the era of rapid development of scientific and technological information, e-commerce has become an important part of people's lives. It is an important way to realize the communication between people and goods. Among them, the express delivery industry plays an indispensable role. When European people buy winter supplies, the couriers are also working hard to achieve the transportation and distribution of one package. The energy crisis faced by Europe, the benefits brought to people in the express industry cannot be ignored.

5. Packaging industry

Packaging is a big industry, everything can be packaged, and packaging is all-encompassing. At a time when the people of Europe are facing an energy crisis, a micro-sector is expanding. This industry is the packaging industry, and its contents include paper product packaging, plastic product packaging, bubble bag packaging, and degradable packaging.

These packaging are mainly reflected in the container, product packaging, brand identity and so on. To a certain extent, the cold snap in Europe has stimulated the economic development of these industries. Basically, every brand needs product packaging to impress consumers, and the best way to achieve consumer satisfaction is to choose quality creative packaging. Because it can not only win the favor of customers, but also realize unlimited repurchase for brand marketing.

So, how can brands gain consumer impressions by designing and producing personalized product packaging? This requires us to choose the right packaging manufacturer. Whether it is the super durable corrugated paper mailer box required by the express industry or the personalized product box packaging that the brand needs to customize, you can obtain satisfactory demands from a packaging manufacturer, which will help us reduce costs and achieve business Profit maximization.

In fact, as a professional paper packaging manufacturer in China, Jialan Package has enough experience to serve various brands. The office conditions of design and production also determine our interlocking quality test, which also Designers are required to be proficient in the effects of each process in packaging and printing.

In order to make your brand packaging better, Jialan Package's business must have strong packaging expertise, so as to truly give you professional advice on the production of design packaging. In addition, our printing machines, laminating machines, bag folding machines and other large-scale machines are all from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our professional technicians have a rigorous working attitude and can skillfully control the machines to achieve high-quality and high-efficiency production. 


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