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What are you mostly concerned about when purchasing packaging product ?

What are you mostly concerned about when purchasing packaging product ?


Product Packaging Buyer's Guide:

1.Is it a direct factory, can this company save my budget?

①We are the direct factory major in this pacakging industry for more then ten years. We are so clear about the cost for each process and We can control the cost of each procedure very well. ②We are experienced in exporting business.  So we have a lot of freight resources, we can help you find cheaper freight prices and deal with complicated custom clearance. 

2.Can you provide a design?

①We have an excellent designer team who update new designs every month. 

②We can make you renderings to confirm and make you samples within 3-5days. 

3.How could I trust your quality?

①We have a professional and strict quality inspection team, starting from the selection of raw materials, to printing, and then to manual work, every process has quality inspectors to conduct random inspections, if the defective rate exceeds 5%, then we will re-quick Production, do not miss the customer's product delivery;

②Before production, we can send our existing products to you to see the quality, or make a sample according to your style. When you receive the sample, check the quality and make sure there is no problem, then we will start production.

③For each process, our sales staff will send you videos or pictures to give you feedback, and follow up the production progress and quality in real time.

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