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It is said that this year's Halloween in the United States will surpass last year's record of $10.1 billion, and an estimated $10.6 billion will be spent on Halloween costumes, party supplies and other decorations.

The record was the highest per capita engagement since the pandemic, with about 69% of consumers planning to celebrate on Halloween, following ongoing updates to various industry brand marketing plans. As a buyer in various industries, I believe you are more concerned about how to cleverly use Halloween-related creative horror elements, such as jack-o-lanterns, candy, Halloween costumes, party supplies, etc., to create a funny festive atmosphere for your friends .

"Trick or treat" is a big custom for people to celebrate Halloween. Its saying originated in England in the 16th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the custom of "trick or treat" became popular in the United States and eastern Canada. At that time, some Belsnicklings would come to the home to deliberately scare children, according to the children's identification Ability and performance distribute candy rewards.

In the 1950s, people found business opportunities from Halloween, and they began to produce and sell costumes with ghost and pirate designs, as well as candy packaged with various funny patterns and Halloween symbolic designs "jack-o-lanterns". Now I will share with you "The Best Purchasing Recommendations for Gift Packaging in Various Industries on Halloween 2022". The article will focus on the Halloween packaging required by the candy industry, clothing industry, and gift decoration industry, giving you professional purchasing advice and helping brands We realize more profit opportunities ahead of Halloween.

Recommended 1. Triangular Candy Box

Candy and chocolate are the most popular foods for children during Halloween. In order to bring the festive atmosphere to the extreme, merchants will print the packaging of the candy with the patterns of terrifying bats, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. The presentation forms of these packages are ever-changing, it can be a triangular-structured carton, or a candy-shaped packaging box.

Similar to the picture below is a typical "Halloween"-themed triangle box. Its printing colors and patterns have a very strong Halloween atmosphere, and the appearance looks scary and interesting at the same time. This triangular candy box is a very popular design for Halloween this year. It chooses environmentally friendly and economical white cardboard materials. The folded design shapes and colorful silk ribbons allow consumers to experience the fun of handmade DIY.

Recommendation 2. Square dolls asking for candy boxes

The biggest fun of Halloween is trick-or-treating, and there's nothing cuter than a ghost doll. This square box, which combines puppets and cardboard, is perfect for asking for candy on Halloween. I believe that no consumer will refuse such an exciting and cute Halloween gift.

If you are planning to use Halloween marketing to make a quick buck, then I suggest you buy this square doll and ask for a candy box. We can use clever display methods to place it in the most conspicuous part of the gift shop to attract the attention of consumer groups. If your store is near the school, it might be the most popular candy toy box for students during Halloween.

Recommend 3. Halloween wrapping paper

To celebrate Halloween, some friends will buy bulk wrapping paper in advance and DIY some spooky and fun toys by hand. At the same time, some friends will use the wrapping paper with Halloween patterns to complete their mysterious gifts for friends. (As shown below)

Recommended 4. Halloween Baking Box

On the occasion of Halloween, no matter what brand you are, you need to learn packaging marketing. Just like the baked dessert box in the picture below, "to bring out the deliciousness of the food as much as possible."

Of course, in addition to using the aesthetics of the packaging, it is also necessary to capture the consumer's use experience. For a mature buyer, it is necessary to ensure the hygiene and safety of the purchased food packaging. This set of dessert packaging boxes, whether in terms of cup holders or paper cups that are in direct contact with the cake, are made of food-grade safe PE material. The safety standards meet the requirements of FSC certification and can be heated directly in a microwave oven.

Recommended 5. Halloween Party Decorations

The most important thing in celebrating Halloween is the atmosphere. Party decorations are the most used decorations on Halloween, which can create a frightening and pleasant festive atmosphere for people.

All of us are preparing for Halloween 2022. Parents and children are welcoming the holiday season, merchants are welcoming customers into the store, and Jialan Package is welcoming your high-volume Halloween gift wrapping orders, including gift boxes, gift paper bags, party decorations, wrapping paper, etc.

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