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Three Types Of PVC Window Gift Bags Suitable For Flower Packaging

Three Types Of PVC Window Gift Bags Suitable For Flower Packaging


Flowers have always conveyed positive emotional value in people's lives. It is the lubricant that sublimates the feelings of lovers, the witness of sharing happiness in store celebrations, and the romantic foil in the decoration of large-scale wedding scenes. When flowers are given as gifts, packaging naturally plays an important role in enhancing the overall scene display experience. There are many types of materials we can use for flower packaging. Gift bags with PVC transparent window design are one of them. It can intuitively and transparently display the charm of flowers, and can also satisfy the wild flower arrangement imagination of different flower lovers power, and then enhance people's aesthetic taste in flower arrangement.


In this article, Jialan Package will discuss with you three types of PVC window gift bags suitable for flower packaging. In terms of shape, we can define them as rectangle, trapezoid and square. These gift bags with PVC windows are made of highly transparent PVC material and environmentally friendly and waterproof paper. The gift bags are in line with the concept of sustainable development of human life. The material is durable and has multiple functions. 

This feature makes it the most popular in the market today. The most popular choice when packaging flowers.Next, we will take you to have a deeper understanding of the characteristics, display effects, and customizable options for floral brands to promote on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.




Rectangular PVC window gift bag is classic and versatile. They have a traditional look with clean lines and rectangular shape. The rectangular design provides ample space to showcase the beauty of the flowers while ensuring they stay securely within the bag. Clear PVC windows allow recipients to glimpse the vibrant blooms, engaging them with the visual appeal of the arrangement.


These gift bags are suitable for all types of flowers, from elegant roses to delicate lilies. They offer timeless elegance and complement any flower arrangement. Whether it's a bouquet for a wedding, anniversary or birthday, rectangular PVC window gift bags provide a sophisticated presentation.


Trapezoidal PVC window gift bags bring a unique twist to traditional packaging. Its unique trapezoidal shape adds visual interest and creates a memorable display. The slanted design enhances the visibility of the flowers, making them more eye-catching.


These gift bags are perfect for modern and non-traditional flower arrangements. They add a modern touch to the packaging, making the gift feel stylish and chic. Trapezoidal PVC window gift bags are perfect for displaying artistic floral compositions or arrangements with non-traditional shapes.


Square PVC Window Gift Bags strike a balance between classic and modern aesthetics. With a simple yet stylish design, they have timeless appeal and are suitable for every occasion. The square shape provides stability, ensuring the flowers stay upright during transport.


These gift bags are perfect for displaying symmetrical flower arrangements, such as mixed bouquets or boxed flower arrangements. Square windows allow optimal viewing of flowers from all angles, creating a stunning visual display. Square PVC window gift bags are versatile and can be customized to fit different flower sizes and styles.


Customization options:


One of the main advantages of PVC window gift bags is their versatility in customization. Brands can incorporate their logos, graphics and branding elements onto the bag to create a unique and memorable packaging experience. Whether through vibrant colors, elegant designs or custom printing, branding can be seamlessly integrated into packaging to reinforce the brand image and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.


In the age of social media, people like to share their works on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. This is a great opportunity for those in the flower industry because not only can you gain attention through flowers, but you can also build brand marketing power by selling flowers online. Flower gift bags with personalized branding are a great opportunity to increase consumers’ impression of your brand and engage with fans.


So, how to make your flower gift bag packaging more recognizable? Jialan Package can enhance the beauty of your packaging through complex process displays, such as hot stamping, dusting, embossing and other processes. The customized design content of gift bags with PVC windows can also change according to the graphics of the window. You can display a more personalized flower work through gift bags with "LOVE" or heart patterns.


In conclusion:


In short, PVC window gift bags provide a stylish and practical solution for flower packaging. Rectangular, trapezoidal and square window gift bags each bring their own unique characteristics and visual experience to the dining table. From classic elegance to contemporary styles, there's a PVC window gift bag to suit your flowers.


In addition, the customization options offered by PVC window gift bags allow brands to showcase their creativity and personality while effectively displaying their brand image. By combining quality craftsmanship with personalized branding, PVC window gift bags provide a versatile and impactful packaging solution for flowers, ensuring every gift is presented with style and sophistication.

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