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Three things you must know about custom printed advertising paper bags/Jialan Package

Three things you must know about custom printed advertising paper bags/Jialan Package


For a long time, paper bags have been everywhere in our lives like a walking billboard. It is recognized as an environmentally friendly and low-carbon packaging material. It brings convenience to people's lives and further affects people's consumption aesthetic concepts.

With the development and passage of time, modern technology and human aesthetic demands are getting higher and higher. Brands pay more attention to catering to the values of a new generation of young consumer groups. They hope to integrate trends and retro elements to create a visually striking, diverse Stylish gift bag packaging.

In terms of design, Jialan Package has always hoped to further demonstrate the diversity of brand gift packaging through the integration of raw materials, colors, printing art and accessories decoration, and achieve an in-depth link with brand consumption impressions. Today’s article will show you a series of advertising paper bags with fashionable elements created by Jialan’s designer team to help you solve the three major problems of customizing advertising paper bags.

Three things you must know about custom printed advertising bags


Paper Raw Material 

Different paper materials give people different 

feelings of use and visual perception.

 In order to make your advertising more valuable, 

You can choose the right material for your brand paper bags.

such as pearlescent paper, crocodile texture paper,

 handmade paper, coated paper, etc. 


Logo Printing Art

Common logo printing arts include hot stamping, silver hot stamping, embossing, laser, UV, etc. 

In the design of paper bags, we can enhance the overall visual effect of the paper bag and strengthen the brand consumption impression by strengthening the logo printing process.

Handle Material

Handles are an important part of the paper bag production process. Handles made of different materials can bring different visual and usable effects to paper bags, such as ribbon handles, cotton rope handles, leather handles, etc.

These paper bags are advertising bags designed by Jialan Package designers based on our own brand logo. They are composed of three important parts. 

1.High quality special paper

Paper is an important part of paper bags. Different paper materials give people different feelings of use and visual perception. In order to make your advertising more valuable, we have selected more than 10 special paper materials such as pearlescent paper, crocodile texture paper, handmade paper, coated paper, etc. This allows brands to choose special paper with appropriate thickness and weight based on the actual carrying weight of their promotional products.

               Crocodile Textured Paper

The appearance is visually luxurious, suitable for packaging some high-end brand products, such as clothing, scarves, etc., and can be used as fashionable shopping paper bags.

                 Grid Fabric Textured Paper

The appearance gives a simple and durable visual sense, which is very suitable for packaging of heavy objects such as wine bottles and cans. It is often used to make wine paper bags.

                 Handmade Textured Paper

The appearance gives people a natural and safe feeling, which is very in line with the modern concept of low-carbon development. It can be used as packaging paper bags for medicine and health care products.

2.High quality handle material

In addition to portability, the handles play a role in the manufacturing process of paper bags, as well as comfort and aesthetics. Just imagine how a paper bag that is very cumbersome and uncomfortable for people to carry can bring a good brand experience to consumers? Here, Jialan’s designer team has considered each paper bag material and the corresponding handle material very carefully. We have matched appropriate handle materials for different paper bags. The options that can be made here include cotton rope handles. In addition to hand, ribbon handles, environmentally friendly plastic handles, and leather handles, there are also some perforated paper bags designed during the manufacturing process of the paper bag itself.

Kraft paper rope handle

The appearance is simple and natural, and different colors can be printed to match the overall design of the packaging. It is highly durable and not easy to break. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and conforms to the development concept of environmentally friendly packaging.

Wide cotton rope handle

The appearance is finely woven and textured, it feels soft and delicate, and has strong endurance. It is a higher-quality paper bag handle configuration, and the color can be matched by printing and dyeing.

3. High-quality logo text printing art

We all know that the printing process of logo is the finishing touch to create a high-quality advertising paper bag, and text is an important slogan to convey brand information. Therefore, we usually integrate the printing of logos and text with modern printing technology, such as using the principle of hot pressure transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metallic luster effect for hot stamping. Hot silver printing can lighten and deepen people's visual experience, or use a set of concave and convex templates corresponding to the yin and yang of graphics and text, place the substrate between them, and apply greater pressure to press out relief-like concave and convex graphics and text. "Concave-convex printing" "Effects etc.

Of course, laser printing, UV printing, and dusting are also some of the effects we often do in the process of designing and manufacturing paper bags. The specific information and details involved in the design of customized advertising bags need to be communicated with the corresponding business personnel and designers. Only through coordinated communication can the best display and use effects be achieved.

Summary: An advertising paper bag design with brand communication significance can bring more new ideas and consumption concepts to brand consumers. The perfect effect of the design and manufacturing of these paper bags is closely related to the effect presented by the paper raw material, handle material and logo text printing. When customizing paper bags or advertising bags, we need to focus on the coordination, unity and practicality of the overall design effect of the paper bag.

Jialan is a professional paper bag gift packaging manufacturer from China, we have more than 15 years of professional packaging export experience. Our excellent sales staff can coordinate the resources of various departments and perfectly connect with the designer team to help you realize the transformation of your ideal gift bag from design to physical object!

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