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The second phase of the Canton Fair is wonderfully presented: Jialan's exquisite gift paper packaging is very popular!

The second phase of the Canton Fair is wonderfully presented: Jialan's exquisite gift paper packaging is very popular!


April 23rd is the opening day of the second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair. It is understood that this second phase of exhibits is more popular than the first phase, and the scale of the exhibition hall has broken through a record high, with an area of 505,000 square meters and more than 24,000 exhibitors. The second phase of the Canton Fair focuses on the three major sectors of consumer goods and home decorations. 

The exhibition was the first to set up an import exhibition, which attracted a total of 130 Canadian companies from 26 countries to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition specially expanded the exhibition areas of kitchen utensils, household products, household utensils, toys, etc., and more than 3,800 new exhibitors added more than 3800 exhibitors. Buyers provide the largest trade exchange platform.

2023 The 133rd Canton Fair site real shot

Jialan Pacakge, as a paper gift packaging trader with 15 years of experience, participated in the exhibition hall 11.1 F37 in the second phase of the Canton Fair. This time we have brought five categories of exquisite paper gift packaging, including fashionable gift bags, gift boxes, exquisite wrapping paper, holiday greeting cards, and children's card books and picture books.

On the first day of the exhibition, we learned about the passenger flow of the exhibition hall of the Canton Fair. According to statistics, the time ended at 6:00 pm on the 23rd. 1.35 million pieces. So, how is our performance at the Canton Fair? Come and find out with Jialan now!

Focusing on new products at the exhibition, Jialan's new metal chain hand-held shopping paper bag is very eye-catching

This series of zipper portable tote paper bags is specially designed by us for the exhibition. The paper bag is inspired by the designer’s daily handbag. We printed the bag’s shape pattern through special paper technology, and the handle is made of metal zipper accessories to enhance Its texture gives people a feeling like a leather bag, but it is made of environmentally friendly paper.

Fashion Metal Chain Handle Imitation Handbag Paper Bag
Real shot display of Jialan package Canton Fair booth

These metal zipper paper tote bags look luxurious but are economical to use, not only for daily commuting, but also for home storage. In addition, you can also find more creative inspiration from these paper bags and design personalized paper bag packaging with your brand logo. What Jialan can do for you is to convert your design ideas from proofing to mass production of finished products.

More eye-catching gift bags and gift boxes from Jialan package at the Canton Fair

Special paper advertising bag
Metal Zipper Tote Bag
3D creative Christmas gift box
PVC window folding gift box

Christmas Calendar Blind Box

Focusing on the popularity of the exhibition, jialan's booth was full, and customer inquiries continued

Today is the third day of the exhibition, and Jialan staff who are in the front line of the exhibition have been passing on the information of the booth to us in real time.

The first day of the opening of the second phase of the Canton Fair


The first day of the carton


Jialan Google Team ,

Group photo of General Manager Gloria, Sales Manager Mia, and Sales Manager Eleen.

 Group photo of Gloria, General Manager of Jialan Package Company, Sales Manager Mia, ,Sales Manager and Eleen        

Sales Manager Mia communicates with customers
A large number of customers came to Jialan booth to inquire 
Sales manager Eleen calculates the price for the customer.

  1. The first day of the exhibition

The second day of the Canton Fair

The crowd is still there, and the enthusiasm for the exhibition is high
General manager Gloria personally received visiting customers
Sales manager Mia communicates orders with customers
The third day of the Canton Fair


Constant visits from customers

Sales manager Mia introduces products to customers

Customer consultation PVC window gift box

Sales manager Mia patiently introduced product performance

The first day of the exhibition

During the three days of the Canton Fair, we have gained a lot. There are two days left before the end of the Canton Fair. If you are still looking for paper gift bags or gift boxes packaging manufacturers and suppliers, we are still waiting for you at booth F37, No. 11.1, looking forward to your arrival!

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