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The formation of a paper bag

The formation of a paper bag


Hand-held paper bags are widely used in the packaging of commodities in the fields of clothing, food, footwear, gifts, tobacco, alcohol and medicine. At present, we can categorize these heavily used portable paper bags into two categories.


Is a popular general paper bag for packaging. Most of these paper bags are produced by rotary printing and automatic production lines. The paper bags are mostly made of kraft paper. The specifications and patterns of paper bags are dull. Its advantage is high production efficiency and suitable for mass production.


Another category is beautiful, exquisite packaging, shopping bags. This type of paper bag is generally printed on a single sheet of paper and relies on manual or semi-automatic production. Kraft paper, coated paper, and cardboard are often selected as materials for processing paper bags. They are mostly used for packaging of high-end goods, gift bags or advertising bags for various commercial activities. The characteristic is that can custom paper bags of any shape and specifications, but the production process is more complicated and the production efficiency is low. This article discusses the production process of paper bags with handles specifically for this type of paper bags.


Due to the use function or design requirements, the production process used in paper bags with handles has a certain complexity, but the basic process can be summarized as follows:


Below we will discuss some process problems in the production process of paper bags with handles on this process flow chart.


1. Design


The design and manufacture of paper bags is a key part of the whole paper bag production process. Most paper bags are an extension of corporate image and merchandise advertising strategy, so the selected materials, decorative techniques and forms of expression are inseparable from the use and efficacy of the paper bag. Kraft paper has good toughness, high strength and rough surface. The cardboard has good stiffness but poor toughness, and it is usually used as a paper bag for surface coating. Coated paper has certain toughness and rich printing colors, but its stiffness is worse than cardboard. Emphasizing durability, more choices are made of kraft paper. When color and stiffness are important, cardboard is used, but rich and colorful patterns are needed. People often prefer coated paper. In order to improve the taste and grade of hand-held paper bags, designers used their brains in the post-press surface decoration process. The flexible use of bronzing, UV, glazing, colorful, bumps and flocking also makes the paper bags brighter in color, three-dimensional, and more expressive. Of course, no matter what finishing process is used, the designer should consider the economic use of paper materials and the rationality of the process design. For production and quality control, it is necessary to produce a complete and clear set of engineering drawings during design. In most cases, the product needs to be confirmed by proofing. Proofing in the paper bags design is not only the verification of the process, but also the basis for customer confirmation and the specimens produced.


Next, I will continue to update the printing, laminating, process, etc., please continue to watch next week.

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