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Quality experience of paper bag making and printing production process

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-24

With the continuous development of my country's market economy, in recent years, the introduction of a large number of foreign advanced production lines and the further improvement of the performance of domestic equipment have greatly improved the quality of paper bag production and printing. Paper bag production and printing are different from other printing. It has its own characteristics. These characteristics are the key points of packaging printing quality control in lithographic printing.

The formulation of the production process is the main link in the production and an important part of the technical preparation of the product. It is the key and guarantee for stabilizing, improving product quality, controlling costs, reducing consumption, and improving efficiency. Making a reasonable, correct and complete production process is a prerequisite for the quality control of paper bag making and printing. Paper bag production and printing belong to the intellectual property rights of the special commissioned processing and manufacturing industry. Its product processing and customization requirements come from two ways: one is designed to make new products with paper bags; the other is that end customers provide samples and produce products as they are. The production of new products designed by this company is relatively easy, and the process can be formulated according to the company's process management system. For products produced as they are, the following points need to be paid attention to when formulating the process.

1. Confirmation of printing method

The production and printing of non-paper bags on the same product is mainly based on a single printing method, and two or more printing methods are rarely used. In order to achieve a certain purpose or effect, all existing printing methods are often used in paper bag production and printing, and multiple printing methods are often combined on the same product, such as gravure base printing, four-color offset printing, and screen printing. Printing special effects, etc. Different printing methods will lead to different final effects of printed products. The first step in formulating the process is to determine the ink and water balance of the printing method of the product, offset printing? Gravure? The product adopts a single printing method or multiple printing methods. This is the direction determined by the craft and cannot be wrong.

2. Formulation of plate making process

Printing pays attention to the original original production, paper bag production printing is especially true, especially packaging printing has extremely strict requirements on the appearance of ink color, so the packaging printing plate making process pay more attention to a few points. Spot color confirmation Spot color is the special color obtained by ink premixing to replace or supplement the four-color printing ink. Each spot color requires the use of a special printing plate when printing, so it is necessary to specify which colors are used in the four-color printing color sequence to confirm that the colors of the printed matter are overprinted by inks of different hues, and the color sequence is overprinted. Ordinary four-color printing has 24 different printing color sequence standards and certifications. In addition to four colors in packaging printing, spot colors are often added, so the printing color sequence will be more. Only by choosing the correct printing color sequence, can the color of packaging printed products be closer to the original manuscript. Control of printing quality Printing batches There are few printing batches of books and periodicals, especially periodicals. Generally, only one batch is printed, and there are few opportunities for multi-batch printing. The packaging printed matter is often printed in multiple batches. Packaging products require appearance consistency, which determines that packaging printing must be faithful to the original, and the ink color of multiple batches of products must be consistent. This requires:

(1) The whiteness of the paper should be consistent, and try to use the same type of paper from one family.

(2) The sealed sample must be accurate. The paper bag is made in general. Especially the original sample of the printed signature must be preserved and sealed.

(3) Carefully record the process, the proportion of spot color ink and the brand and dosage of the ink should be recorded.

(4) Establish a strict auditing and signing system.

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