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Printing industry chain/policy/enterprise analysis: China is the largest national packaging and printing market in Asia.

Printing industry chain/policy/enterprise analysis: China is the largest national packaging and printing market in Asia.


As an important part of China's cultural industry, printing has become an important industrial sector of China's national economy. According to zhongshang industry institute released "2017-2022, the global printing industry market research analysis report, according to a global packaging printing market according to the size of the earnings increased from $266 billion in 2012 to $316.1 billion in 2016, a compound annual growth rate of 4.4%, and will continue to rise to $377.5 billion in 2021, during the period of 2017 to 2021, the compound annual growth rate of 3.5%. The global packaging and printing market is expected to reach 341.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, up 3.9 percent year-on-year, or the same growth rate as the previous year.

Industrial chain of printing industry

Printing industry main business paper packaging printing business and plastic flexible packaging printing business. Paper packaging printing business of raw materials mainly for the original paper, ink and plastic film, film products. Among them, the base paper mainly includes white card paper, white board paper, cattle card paper, corrugated paper and kraft paper. Plastic packaging printing business raw materials mainly for plastic rice and ink. Printing products can be classified into color boxes, paper boxes, cartons, plastic flexible packaging, paper bags and so on. At present, packaging and printing are widely used in various industries of national economy and life, such as food and beverage, daily chemical, electronic communication, tobacco, medicine, clothing and other fields.

Industry policy

(1) development plan of printing industry during the 12th five-year plan period

(2) in 2011, the former general administration of press and publication issued the development plan of the printing industry during the 12th five-year plan period. This plan is of positive significance for China to accelerate the transformation of printing industry development mode, cultivate superior enterprises, strengthen independent innovation, and guide the whole printing industry to implement the transformation of green and environmental protection strategy, which will promote the sustainable and stable development of China's printing industry.guiding opinions on further promoting the development of press and publication industry

In 2010, the former general administration of press and publication issued the guidance on further promoting the development of the press and publication industry. The guidance points out the direction for the healthy development of packaging and printing enterprises in China.

(3) cultural industry revitalization plan

In 2009, state council executive meeting examined and approved the cultural industry revitalization planning, points out that "cultural creativity, film and television production, publishing, printing, copy, advertising, performing arts, entertainment, culture, convention and exhibition, digital content and animation industry as the focus, increasing support, perfect industrial policy system, realize leap-forward development. Printing and reproduction industry should develop high-tech printing and characteristic printing and build a number of printing and reproduction bases with various characteristics and advanced technology. The plan supports the printing and reproduction industry as the focus of the development of cultural industry, thus providing a new opportunity for the development of packaging and printing industry in China.

(4)guidance catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011) (amendment)

According to the guidance catalogue of industrial structure adjustment (2011) (amendment) issued and implemented by the national development and reform commission in 2013, the manufacturing and use of printing equipment are encouraged projects as follows:

(5) printing other relevant encouragement policies

According to the general administration of customs announcement no. 73, 2013, approved by the state council tariff implementation plan "in 2014 (tax committee [2013] 36), since January 1, 2014, China will further adjust the import and export tariff, involved in the change of printing equipment and equipment mainly has the following several aspects: (1) in 2014 to the substrate material of 47 kinds of commodities in China continue to carry out specific duties or composite tax, including laser typesetting films, film, etc.; (2) computer direct plate-making equipment (CTP) temporary tax rate of 5%, computer direct plate-making machine parts and offset printing press ink volume remote control device temporary tax rate of zero, etc. (3) in 2014, some offset printing press, flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine tentatively ranging from 3% to 9% tax rate.

Printing enterprise

According to the large database of China commercial industry research institute, the revenue of 23 listed printing companies in the first half of the year totaled 26.929 billion yuan, up 10.05% year-on-year. Net profit was 2.436 billion yuan, up 16.49% year-on-year. Among them, zijiang enterprise has the largest revenue, with revenue of 4.282 billion yuan, down 1.52% year-on-year. Aurijin ranked second with revenue of 3.335 billion yuan, down 3.21% year on year. Hexing packaging ranked third with revenue of 2.543 billion yuan, up 57.91% year-on-year.)

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