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Paper Bag Design - The flat rope handle for paper bag

Paper Bag Design - The flat rope handle for paper bag


The rope handle is an important part of the paper bag design, it is the bridge connecting consumers and paper bags.

Under the circumstances, consumers can feel whether the handbag is comfortable when carrying the rope handle, and whether it is comfortable directly affects the consumer's consumer experience with the paper bag. A poor experience will make these consumers no longer look back. The loss is not just a customer, but a reputation for corporate quality. Today, Jialan Package will introduce the following rope handle. Although they are not as rare as iron core paper rope, they give people familiar and strange feeling.


This is the flat rope. His original name is flat paper handle. Its principle is very simple. The reason why it can be used as a material for carrying bags is because it is a paper rope folded from relatively high-quality kraft paper. The benefits of kraft paper, except for some appearance defects on the surface, its practical performance is excellent, and the handle bag has a flat rope shape, and the width of the folding controls the handle rope between 1 and 2cm. It will not be too large or too small. In order to make up for the appearance defects of kraft paper, it can be made into a decorative shape such as stripes, which can greatly enhance the aesthetics of the entire paper handbag. In addition, changing its unique natural wood color, can make the entire hand rope more perfectly match with the paper bags.


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