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No matter in high grade or low grade cosmetic paper bag design has its own taboos.

No matter in high grade or low grade cosmetic paper bag design has its own taboos.


We know that the design of cosmetic paper bag is also divided into different grades, in different grades of handbag custom design there will be different taboos, so today with you to introduce the middle and low grade of the bag will be some kind of design taboo gap

First, the humble cosmetic paper bag design taboos:

1. The material, that is, paper, try not to choose the single copper paper 450 g/sm, because this kind of single copper paper in the industry more thick, liquidity while single copper paper is good, but this kind of comparison to slant a bit thick single copper paper is not ready to have every production handbag factory, so if you choose this kind of material, is likely to be time and prices will rise, it is not economical

2. The choice of technology, process, and we all know, the less the more affordable, but also need not what also can't process, we use the printing process is actually outstanding content is just a second, one of the most important purpose is to block the following material is not very perfect, in general single copper paper thin, although holding bag also qualified can carry things, but also hard to avoid some corn or crease easily, so at this time of printing have played an important role of modesty, avoid by all means use flashy decoration and some fancy technology

Then there are the mid-range or even high-end cosmetic paper bag design taboos:

1. The material quality is very important, is focused on simple sense, rather than the cost, the price of kraft paper is not cheaper than ordinary single copper paper, but they both feel is very far off, and the appearance is more or less a little difference, even white leather, he's surface is not coated, so his sense is very rough, like some specialty paper surface plant the cloth with soft nap, or are some touch paper, is very good, so the most important taboo, is not to use the paper quality is poor

2. Practical, here about the practicality of, in fact, with the first kind of material feels has larger correlation, because the first one is to consider the sense of touch, and the practical aspect is to consider the overall load bearing capacity, it is also and low-grade cosmetics bag design gap away, our customer, in fact, as long as the paper a touch to fit, can separate high low, probably because of the thick paper, itself has a higher sense of security to the person, so if you want to save costs from high-grade paper material, can be said to be a big no-no.

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