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Mother's Day,Everything You Need to Know About Flowers and Wrapping Paper

Mother's Day,Everything You Need to Know About Flowers and Wrapping Paper


Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and the staff of the flower shop are busy packing and sending flowers. On Mother's Day, there's nothing better than picking out a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mom. We all know that flowers are a kind of ornamental plants, which can stimulate people's sensory organs to secrete exciting dopamine factors, creating more pleasant emotional value for people. In today's flower market, there are many shops from which we can choose to order flowers, but how to make your flower shop stand out is particularly important.

As flower workers, they need to know more flower art knowledge and flower packaging skills in order to create more amazing flower art results. So, how to properly match flowers and wrapping paper to create amazing floral works? Read the following articles patiently, and Jialan will provide you with more best solutions for matching flowers and gift wrapping paper.

Three Types of Flower Wrapping Paper

Sydney paper

The Sydney paper adopts the design of Sydney pattern, its texture is delicate and soft to the touch. There are mainly two types of Sydney paper sold in the market, one is unprinted solid color Sydney paper, and the other is exquisite Sydney paper with printed patterns. Sydney paper gives people a fresh and romantic feeling. Its surface is smooth and soft, which can bring a comfortable and gentle touch to the flowers while providing them with good protection.

The texture and delicate pattern of the Sydney paper adds a unique charm and artistic touch to the bouquet. It comes in a variety of colors, from soft pink to elegant blue or classic white, to suit a variety of styles and themes. Whether your bouquet is romantic roses, feminine carnations or lovely tulips, Sydney paper can be perfectly matched to add a sophisticated and glamorous look to the bouquet.


Sydney paper combined with other decorations can create better visual effects. Such as ribbons, beads, stickers, greeting cards, etc. On Mother's Day, florists usually write beautiful blessings according to the needs of customers with packaged flowers, expressing their sincere wishes to mothers!

Honeycomb wrapping paper

Honeycomb wrapping paper is a new type of flower wrapping paper. It is made of renewable cellulose material, which is soft and comfortable to touch. The unique honeycomb texture structure of the honeycomb wrapping paper has a strong ornamental effect while maintaining the air permeability and stability of the bouquet during transportation.

To a certain extent, flowers packaged in honeycomb wrapping paper can keep the freshness of flowers for a longer period of time, allowing customers to enjoy flowers for a longer period of time.

Honeycomb wrapping paper

Inner waterproof packaging, strong air permeability

The outer packaging is concave-convex and hole-shaped, full of three-dimensional effect

When packing flowers, you can choose single-layer honeycomb paper for packaging, or use Sydney paper as the inner lining for two-layer packaging, or use honeycomb paper as the middle layer, choose Sydney paper as the inner layer, and Ouya paper as the inner layer. The outer layer is triple-packed.

Environmentally friendly honeycomb flower wrapping paper is a product of nature. Its own degradable and recyclable properties give people more sense of security to a certain extent. When you choose honeycomb wrapping paper, you are choosing a flower paper packaging solution that reduces environmental impact and promotes sustainability.

Three-dimensional puff paper

The three-dimensional puff paper adopts the design concept of three-dimensional puffs. The unique concave-convex space structure can perfectly fit with flowers of different shapes. It can stabilize the position of the flowers during packaging, thus highlighting the layering and three-dimensional effect of the bouquet. In addition, puff three-dimensional paper also has a very rich decorative effect. It comes in a variety of colors, from classic white to trendy gold or iridescent, to suit a variety of styles and themes. Whether your bouquet is romantic roses, fresh tulips or cute little flowers, the three-dimensional puff paper can be perfectly matched with it, showing a unique and charming effect.

                 Three-dimensional puff paper

In use, three-dimensional puff paper can be well combined with other decorations, such as ribbons, beads or stickers, to add more personalization and creativity. You can turn bouquets of flowers into unique works of art according to your own preferences and creativity, bringing more economic benefits for tomorrow's Mother's Day!

Custom Flower Wraps

On Mother's Day, customized flower wrapping paper is more popular, especially the custom-printed wrapping paper with Mother's Day greetings, which can bring more festive romantic atmosphere to mothers. Customized Mother's Day flower wrapping paper is also the best opportunity for your brand promotion. You can print your personal brand logo and some slogans on the wrapping paper, and customers can learn more about your flower shop brand when they give it away information.

To some extent, customized flower wrapping paper is the best means for flower shops to promote marketing to consumers. Because it can not only add more beauty to the bouquet packaging, but also let customers shout your heart.


Custom flower wrapping paper can be designed for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or holidays. You can create different designs for different seasons or events to meet the specific needs and preferences of your clients. Using custom wrapping paper not only demonstrates your professionalism and attention to detail, it also enhances your flower arrangements and positions your brand as a trusted and quality-driven flower supplier.

In conclusion:

In fact, whether it’s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a lover’s birthday, flower shop need to use mass wrapping paper to match and decorate to show the best effect of flowers and bring more surprising romantic memories to the receiver.However choosing a customizable flower gift wrapping paper manufacturer can not only solve your ordering needs for general-purpose wrapping paper, but also solve your custom gift paper packaging design and production problems.

Jialan Package is a professional paper packaging manufacture .Which can custom and wholesale wrapping paper. As a supplier of powerful paper wrapping paper in China, we have different types of wrapping paper in stock and also support personalized flower wrapping paper customization. If you have a large order of custom flower wrapping paper, Gift wrapping paper, we can be your first-hand supplier!


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