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Jialan Package: The responsibility of every enterprise to focus on the employment of persons with disabilities

Jialan Package: The responsibility of every enterprise to focus on the employment of persons with disabilities


In our world, there lives a special group of people who have life difficulties due to congenital functional defects or acquired injuries. Disabled people are a socially recognized disadvantaged group. They are often ridiculed by ignorant people because of their physical defects. As a company, the help we can provide to disabled people is to support them in finding jobs so that they can become a social person and work. Help reduce family pressure and realize the meaning of one's life.


Yiwu Jialan Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Disabled Care Base-Jinyun Disabled Home

May 19, 2024 is the 34th National Disability Day. On this day, Mr. Luo, the founder of Jialan Package Company, fulfilled his corporate responsibility and mobilized us to come to the home for the disabled in Jinyun County to show love and warmth to the disabled partners who have been working for our company, and encourage them to live with heart and soul. I love work and make my best contribution to the people around me who love us and me.


Paying attention to the employment of disabled people is the responsibility of every enterprise

Life is a rich journey. We need to continue to learn and grow, and do our best to contribute to our families and society.


The problem of employment difficulties for disabled people has always been a major problem in Chinese society. After more than 10 years of hard work, our Mr. Luo has experienced the hardships of the world and the hardships of disabled people. In the past few years, he has been quietly using his abilities to solve the problems of working with disabled people. This is an employment base for people with disabilities that we launched two years ago. Ms. Lai, the administrator of Jinyun County Disabled Home, has been responsible for training these disabled people to make these simple handicrafts.

 Helping employment and delivering warmth, Jialan Package is in action

Manual tasks that disabled people can do: paper bag stringing


Stringing is the final step in making paper bags. Its operation is like threading a needle, but it is simpler than threading because the holes punched by our machine are very large. This work requires workers to insert the buttons one by one to complete. Mr. Luo said: “This is a simple and safe thing that we, as an enterprise, can give to our disabled partners. They can obtain living funds directly through work and reduce family pressure. We hope that they can gain a sense of accomplishment at work through their own hands. Earn living expenses and buy some things you want.


Disabled people thread ropes by hand, full of happiness

During the event, Ms. Lai took us to learn more about the work and living conditions of these disabled partners. During the meeting, she kept expressing her gratitude to Mr. Luo for providing these safe, simple and easy-to-operate tasks for the disabled. Before that, she also told how she has been working hard to help disabled people in Jinyun Home find employment. She has been looking for a simple manual job that these disabled people can join, but she also learned that many companies can Their products are not as simple and safe to operate as paper bag stringing for the manual work you take home. Your presence has really given us a great help as partners in homes for the disabled. Although they may not be skilled at the operation at the beginning and cannot keep up with the progress, through continuous training, they are slowly catching up with the progress. Although they are physically disabled, they have been smiling and optimistic and living hard. Thank you for your disability assistance project. The life hope of the disabled partners of Jinyun Home.



Roundtable discussion focused on work support projects for persons with disabilities

This trip to Jinyun is taking advantage of the National Disability Day to let the partners living in Jinyun Home feel the condolences and warmth from social enterprises. We want to use practical actions to tell them that they are a complete social person and can still use Achievements in your actions.

Mr. Luo of Jialan Package personally sends warmth to the disabled

Finally, we call on capable companies across the country and even the world to pay more attention to the disabled friends living around them. They are not aliens and have not been abandoned by society. They can support themselves through their own efforts and reduce the pressure on their families and society.

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