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Jialan Package丨Seven skills necessary for custom kraft paper bags

Jialan Package丨Seven skills necessary for custom kraft paper bags


Kraft paper is a world-recognized environmentally friendly packaging material, and its greatest advantage is that it can be recycled and reused repeatedly. In life, packaging bags made of kraft paper materials commonly exist in various industries, such as the food industry, clothing industry, e-commerce industry, etc. Every year, they order enough kraft paper bags from suppliers for product packaging.

 So, as a kraft paper buyer, how can we communicate with suppliers smoothly and complete the customization of kraft paper bags? Don't worry, Jialan package tells you seven essential skills to help you solve the problems you encounter in customizing kraft paper bags.

1. Customize the style of the kraft paper bag

At present, paper bags on the market are divided into two types: window type and closed type. The advantage of choosing the window model is that consumers can see the goods in the paper bag directly through the transparent pv film, which invisibly increases the consumption power of the goods. Most of the businesses that use window-opening kraft paper bags are in the food baking and flower packaging industries.

2. Customized printing color

In your opinion, is only the primary color kraft paper bags environmentally friendly? With the advancement of modern technology in the packaging industry, we can also print kraft paper in various colors. If you want to print the color of your brand on kraft paper, you can choose full-color printing. The color of full-color printing can be repeatedly toned and printed by professional debugging masters, and the printed color is more vivid than ordinary printers.

As a professional paper bag packaging manufacturer, Jialan Package can provide you with CMYK and up to 9 spot color printing to help you produce color-printed kraft paper bags with uniform and full color.

3. Customize different sizes

Different brands need to customize the size of the kraft paper bags are also different. When customizing the size, they will consider more whether it is suitable for packaging their own products. The size of the product can directly affect the length, width and height of the paper bag. In order to better fit the product and reduce the cost of material loss, Jialan Package needs to know the size of your product so that it can customize the appropriate size kraft paper bag packaging for you.

4. Thickness of kraft paper bag

The thickness of the paper bag determines its own durability. If the kraft paper bag you choose is only 3mm thick, you need to consider whether it can bear the weight of the items you place, because the 3mm thick kraft paper bag will be softer. Under normal circumstances, 5mm thick kraft paper bags are relatively standard, while 6-8mm thick kraft paper bags are also relatively hard.    


5. Suitable paper bag handle

   The choice of paper bag handle has a lot to do with whether you want to make perforations in it. If you just need a kraft paper bag similar to a stand-up bag, then you don't need to make special perforations. If you need handles such as three-strand rope, ribbon, etc., you need to choose a handle material that matches the color of your customized paper bag to make it. As for how to choose, we will have professional sales to confirm these details with you.

6. The process of printing logo

For brands that specialize in customizing kraft paper bags, the logo is a very important part. The effect of the logo printed by different processes is different. Just like hot stamping, hot black, hot white, UV, bump and other processes, and what you need to do is to choose a suitable process to print the logo, not just consider your liking.

7. Long-lasting barrier material

When customizing a kraft paper bag, one issue we must consider is its inner covering material. If you are going to use this kraft paper bag to load fried fast food or flower drinks, you need to consider whether it has waterproof and oil-proof properties. We can choose some high-barrier materials containing KPET or EVOH when customizing the packaging, which can also maximize the shelf life of the food.

The above seven skills are important issues that jialan package has sorted out for you to consider about customizing kraft paper bags. Of course, this does not include confirming the design, confirming the sample, confirming the mass production, confirming the transportation channel and so on with the business personnel.

If you also have a lot of doubts about other problems and don't know how to cooperate with us to complete the order smoothly, then you can leave a message on the website or Email: sales1@jialanpackage.com to tell us that you need custom Kraft paper bags packaging type.

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