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Is the coated paper hand-held paper bag better than kraft paper?

Is the coated paper hand-held paper bag better than kraft paper?


On the classification of portable paper bags that can be multifarious, according to the different USES can be divided into shopping portable paper bags, gift paper bags and so on; According to the shape can be divided into flat bag, round bottom bag, etc. And in accordance with the printed material to points can be divided into white paper carrier bags, coated paper carrier bags, kraft paper carrier bags, and specialty paper carrier bags, among them, the number of the most widely use scope is coated paper carrier bags and kraft paper carrier bags, both of which are often used to compare, the coated paper than kraft paper bag?

1. Comparison of materials of the two

In terms of fastness, coated paper is moderate, while kraft paper is more fastness; Coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, good printing suitability, designers can boldly use a variety of pictures and color blocks, good advertising effect. Coated in coated paper surface light film or matte film, not only has moisture-proof, durable function, but also appears more delicate, so, coated paper production costs will be slightly higher, used in the field is also some gift packaging, is the noble paper bag; And kraft paper besides white kraft paper, base color of general kraft paper is darker, accordingly, more appropriate printing brunet character and line, also can design the color block with a few intense contrast. Kraft bag is generally not covered with film, is one of the lowest cost handbag. Through the comparison we can also know, in fact, there is no good or bad points, if you need a practical portable paper bag then choose kraft paper, if you need a higher grade portable paper bag then choose coated paper, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, people in the choice of the need to choose good.

2. Technology

Coated paper paper bags and kraft paper bags are made of the same process, have to go through design, printing, peritoneum, die cutting processing, paste and punching, string six processes. Design is the key link of the whole paper bag production, most of the bags are the extension of corporate image and product advertising strategy, most of the products also need to be proofing confirmation. The proofing in the design is not only the verification of the process, but also the basis of customer confirmation and the specimen production.       

Coated paper and kraft paper bag is the effect of different process, also have mentioned above, because of the kraft paper bag cost is lower, do manual work is also more rough, so the effect of this step is saved, and coated paper carrier bags, in order to make paper bag look tall, some will choose to be specular membrane or matte film, among them, the matte film can give a person with a soft, high-grade, comfortable sense, is to use more technology.

From material to craft contrast, we can now distinguish which is better, but it seems that we can not say who is good and who is not good, because everyone's needs are different, suitable for their own is the best!

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