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How to use personalized packaging to improve product consumption ?

How to use personalized packaging to improve product consumption ?


Consumption power is a problem that manufacturers and producers in every industry must think about. If a product does not have consumption power, it needs to be tested through the entire market, and the test group is the corresponding consumer group.

If you want to benefit from holiday marketing, you must consider whether your product is "consumable". So, how to give full play to the consumption power of products and realize the consumption power of products? This requires designers to think that the design can highlight the functional characteristics of the product to the greatest extent, and the best display of the design is the visual stimulation brought by the appearance of the packaging to consumers and the use of the product.

To a certain extent, people pay special attention to these three points when shopping selectively

1. Inner sense of use

The sense of use of a product is mainly reflected in the intuitive experience brought by consumers when using the product. This experience has a lot to do with the smell people feel when they use the perfume and the quality of the packaging. And a really good perfume from research and development to the market, it has gone through countless attempts by researchers in the process, in order to create and play the ideal product function and value.

2. Appearance design

The image design of the outer packaging is suitable for each brand, which is also a very important way to profit from product marketing. People express the attributes of a product through the design of the outer packaging paper of the product, which also helps everyone to recognize the sub-categories of each different product, such as milk and juice packaging boxes/boxes. Strawberry, Banana and other different flavors.

3. Advertising Marketing

Advertising is the quickest way to get a product exposed on a large scale. We need to use certain advertising methods to portray the image of the brand in the minds of consumers, such as a humorous advertising slogan, an extreme dance, or some user guides that are integrated with practical scenarios, all of which can make consumers know you again. Brand and understand the products you sell, and then realize the consumption power of products.

In such a fiercely competitive environment in the global packaging market, the brand side wants to highlight the product features and value to the greatest extent, which needs to start from the outer packaging design of the product. Of course, the best way to achieve a brand's consumer impression, besides design, is the printing process. So, how do we choose a supplier that can build our brand image from tens of thousands of packaging companies around the world? This requires us to continuously filter from the Internet big data.

Under the influence of the new crown epidemic for nearly three years, the social distance between people and the way of cooperation between enterprises are also constantly changing. When it is impossible to predict whether an enterprise has long-term cooperation value, people will obtain more evidences sufficient to prove the strength of their company from the Internet. For example, you want to cooperate with Jialan Packaging Products Co., Ltd. to produce your personalized packaging, how do you understand the strength of their company?

1. Google Search

Google searches are the most direct way for people to get information. Especially in some important business activities, people need to make correct judgments at work by understanding customer information, just like choosing a packaging and printing factory as a direct supplier.

2. Social Networking

Living in the Z era, social media has provided a lot of convenience for people's lives. Business cooperation between people is no longer limited to offline exchanges, people can learn the actual situation of the company through the Internet, and the emergence of various social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, instergram, etc. It is the best social means for hundreds of millions of users, and people can be judged in the exchange of information.

3. Field trips

In addition, offline field trips and factory visits can still be used as a means for brands to explore the strength of a packaging company. However, this method is relatively limited by the current environment, and it is difficult to achieve to a certain extent.

We all know that we need to use personalized packaging to improve product consumption, but how to choose the right factory to realize your personalized product packaging has always been a headache for brands. Now, we can promote the creation of rectangular arrays from various channels, and start to drive customers' spending power from the creation of personalized packaging!

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