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How to reduce the budget by choosing a cross-border packaging factory as a supplier?

How to reduce the budget by choosing a cross-border packaging factory as a supplier?


The box is a fashionable outerwear packaged by a brand. We can design personalized patterns on it, print bright and special colors and a logo that is exclusive to our own brand. The box made in this way can give people a new look and create a surprising, romantic and warm emotional exchange moment for those who need it on special festivals.

Today, with the rapid development of international trade exchanges, cross-border e-commerce has become the main mode of domestic and foreign business information exchange. Many international well-known brands can connect with more powerful packaging manufacturing factories in this way, and customize their own brands. Personalized product packaging to increase consumer groups' recognition and impression of the brand.

However, in the supply and demand transaction, there will still be some customers who will turn back due to high shipping costs. So, is there a compromise that can help us seal the deal? Today, I will give you some advice on "How to reduce the budget by choosing a cross-border packaging factory as a supplier?"

Choose a box that is easy to transport

The size of the box can directly affect the cost of cross-border logistics and transportation. If you are a self-employed or brand owner who has just started business, it is not recommended to choose those hard boxes that take up more space as brand packaging. Because the hard box is not only heavy, but also its spatial structure is not easy to change, unless it is full of goods to transport it may be some cost-effective.

What are the box types suitable for cross-border transportation?

1. Sheet Folding Box

Therefore, when choosing a cross-border packaging factory as a supplier, we recommend folding boxes, because this type of packaging can be transported in sheets and is not easy to be damaged during long-distance transportation.

2. Heaven and earth cover box

Of course, if you are doing aromatherapy, candles and other products and need such brand packaging, I think it is good for you to choose a cylindrical paper tube packaging or a square gift box packaging, because of the size of this type of packaging The size can be customized and can be shipped in the form of a set of boxes for transportation.

Choose a packaging factory that can provide customized services

The best way for brands to purchase packaging is to choose a processing factory that has a team that provides patterns and logo design, has advanced production machines for packaging paper bags and cartons, and has strong export trade and transportation resources. In this way, you can better connect with the manufacturer in terms of the model design of the brand's outer packaging and the production of bulk goods, and you can also save the budget cost to the greatest extent, minus some unnecessary Shipping transfer fees.

What are the advantages of choosing a customized chemical factory as a supplier?

1. Design advantages, the size can be customized

Since the attributes of products sold in each industry are different, they have more flexibility in choosing product packaging design, whether it is packaging color, pattern, logo printing, or size. There is a higher demand.

Of course, a large-scale packaging manufacturing factory with a team of designers and the ability to provide customized services will definitely have an advantage over those small workshops in choosing a product packaging supplier factory.

2. Production advantages, quality guaranteed

Many buyers who purchase cartons and paper bags across borders as the outer packaging of branded products express that they are very worried about the production quality of their products. Since they can't inspect the scale of the factory on the spot, they can't see the production process of the product, and they can't monitor the quality of the product. This kind of closed order production to transportation will make them feel unsafe.

If you choose a packaging factory with a certain background and strength, for example, China Yiwu Jialan Packaging Products Co., Ltd., we not only have a design team and a factory, but also provide customers with real-time video of the production process of orders, and give every effort to cross-border procurement. A friend full of security.

3. Transportation advantages, timely delivery

The shipping problem is indeed a big problem for many foreign friends. During business conversations, we found that some customers gave up working with us because of shipping, and the main reason was that they didn't have enough shipping channels.

In order to solve this problem, Jialan package company has assembled all the freight forwarding resources in China. They can not only solve the problem of export customs clearance for customers, but also help customers reduce high transportation costs and truly help customers save budget from transportation funds.

If you are looking for high-quality factory product packaging for your brand as a cross-border supplier for sustainable cooperation, but don't know which country's factory to choose is better, then you can consider China Yiwu Jialan Packaging Products Co.Ltd.we have a large Paper packaging production factories and professional sales staff will connect with you to design, and can provide you with one-stop OEM/ODM packaging design, production and transportation services!

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