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How to make carton box?

How to make carton box?


Packaging is done for different reasons at different times whether you are shifting your home or just wrapping up gift. For this reason, boxes are used. But the most commonly used boxes are the corrugated boxes. These packages are especially needed when people have to move big things from one place to another. They are also needed by the shopkeepers to wrap up the items. Therefore, when good quality packaging is needed, people choose corrugated box packaging.

There are various ways to create these custom cardboard boxes at home. However, if you are not familiar with any method then not to worry! Just have a look at the following method:

Things You Need:

Corrugated material

Box cutter or razor blade

Packing tape

Make a Corrugated Box?

1. First of all, you have to start with the opening of the tabs on the base and top of the box. You need to unfold the tabs or cut them up with the help of box cutter. You have to unfold the tabs by using tape. Put down the side of the box and then ct one of its corners from top to the bottom. In this way, you could easily unfold the corrugated just once to end up with a straight piece of it.

2. Put that straight piece on the floor or table and then place the item on it where the half-width of the item would be equal to space amid the edges of corrugated and item.

3. From the top to the bottom you have to cut very lightly with the sharp box cutter. You will be drawing a cut line into the corrugated at the space of the edge of the item that meets corrugated.

4. Mark lines with the blade that would cut the top surface of the corrugated. In the same way, make another cutting line on the next side of the item.

5. Now roll the item on its side so that the one side is on the previous cutting line. Create another parallel cutting line of 90 degrees then again make a parallel cut line of 180 degrees.

6. Leave the half-width of the item and then cut the remaining corrugated piece that is extra from bottom to the top.

7. Push the item towards the bottom or top of the corrugated. In this way, you could cut it down to the size. You must not press the item to the exact edge. You might require leaving half width of the item’s side as extra corrugated that would be able to fold over on the side of the item.

8. Leave the extra corrugated on the opposite side and then start cutting the rest of the excess corrugated entirely.

9. Take off the corrugated and flip over it onto the next side. Folding over the cutting lines and see how ideally it bends and makes the 4 corners of the box.

10. Put the item in the box and then fold it up. When you fix up the sides, then use tape. It is quite easy to tape up the box now where the edges meet from the top to the bottom.

11. Look at one of the 2 open sides of the box, items side and excess of corrugated hanging over. This all would be folded up to create the side of the box.

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