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How to make a paper gift bag with handles

How to make a paper gift bag with handles


Nowadays, the development of the commodity economy is becoming more and more mature. A high-quality commodity is not only an expression of market value,It is also an extension of the cultural connotation of commodities, so the paper bag does not only serve as a single means of package, but also convey some simple messages.The printing of gift bags reflects the importance of business and merchants to goods and shows the corporate culture. The paper bag is a practical, A product that reflects the development trend of the product and has the effect of advertising.There are many classifications of paper bag. According to the thickness of the classification, there may be hundreds of different paper bag printing types and shapes.There are different styles and varieties, and their functions appearance and content also have their own merits. Sorted out from the perspective of the packaging and printing industry paper bag  printing types, paper bag printing are classified according to different materials.


1. Ivory paper portable paper bag

The portable paper bag made of Ivory paper is one of the most high-end portable paper bags. Its characteristics are: the strength of the Ivory paper portable paper bag is The highest among all paper bags, which is determined by the physical properties of Ivory paper. Designers generally use this kind of handbags to hold high File clothing or merchandise. Compared with white paper shopping bag, the Ivory paper shopping bag are obviously delicate in texture. Therefore, the Ivory paper shopping bag The paper portable paper bag is particularly elegant. Ivory paper has good Print ability, designers can boldly apply various design techniques (Including color concept).

2. Ivory paper portable paper bag

Ivory paper is also a common material for making portable paper bags. Customer bag made of Ivory paper are stronger and can hold some goods with a certain weight. Designers often use Ivory paper for clothing shopping bag, and their specifications are generally folio or full-open handbags. Since the print ability of Ivory paper is general, it is more suitable for printing text, lines or color blocks. Ivory paper is stronger Large, can not be laminated, therefore, the cost is relatively low, and it is a relatively affordable shopping bag.


3. Coated paper portable paper bag

Choosing coated paper to make portable paper bags is characterized by moderate fastness. Due to the high whiteness and glossiness of coated paper,Good print ability, designers can boldly use various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. Cover the surface of the coated paper with a light film Or after the matte film, it not only has moisture-proof and durable functions, but also looks more refined. Coated paper is one of the most popular portable paper bags Materials.


4. Kraft paper portable paper bag

Shopping bag made of kraft paper are characterized by greater fastness and lowest cost, and are generally used to hold ordinary commodities. Except In addition to white kraft paper, kraft paper generally has a darker background, so it is more suitable for printing dark text and lines, and it can also be designed.These contrasting color blocks. Kraft paper portable paper bags are generally not covered with film, which is the lowest cost portable paper bag.Shopping bag processing technology.


1. Design

Design and production is a key link in the entire paper bag production process. Most of the portable paper bags are the corporate image and product advertising strategy .By extension, in most cases, the product needs to be proofed and confirmed. The proofing in the design is both process verification and customer confirmation .The basis and the specimens produced.


2. Printing

The design of shopping bag printing is different from general printed matter. There are more spot colors and full pages, a large amount of ink and bright colors. So it special attention should be paid to the control of the ink and water balance in the printing, and the adjustment of the equipment should be in good condition, otherwise it is easy to cause the ink and the color chromatic aberration problem.


3. Laminating

Laminating refers to covering a layer of 0.0120.020 mm thick transparent plastic film on the surface of the printed product to form a paper-plastic composite One post-press finishing process is generally divided into two processes: pre-coating and instant coating. According to the different film materials used, there are high-gloss films and

Matte film points. Especially the use of matt film can give people a soft, high-grade and comfortable feeling.


4. Die cutting processing

The die-cutting process is to combine the die-cutting knife and the indentation knife on the same template and use the die-cutting machine to die-cut and indent the printed product.The processing method is also called "indentation". It is an important process in the production of portable paper bags. The quality of die-cutting is straight

It then affects the quality of paper bag forming and the efficiency of manual pasting.


5. Paste

Pasting process is one of the most special aspects in the production of portable paper bags. In addition to the auxiliary use of some semi-automatic equipment, it mainly relies on manual completion, which is the least efficient link in the entire paper bag process.


6. Punching, stringing

The final packaging of the paper bag.


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