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How to distinguish white cardboard and coated paper?

How to distinguish white cardboard and coated paper?


Product packaging boxes and gift boxes are common things in our daily life. For ordinary people, when they choose a gift box, they look more at its color and craftsmanship. In short, whether the external visual impact can bring them a pleasing feeling, but there are also many businessmen. When customizing the gift box, you will have a deeper understanding of the different textures brought by its material.

There is an old saying in China, "Experts watch the door, and laymen watch the fun". What it means is that people who know what to do are more likely to choose goods, and those who don't know more look at the brightness of the external printing and dyeing colors or whether the printing patterns are interesting. Of course, it is certainly difficult to understand the differences between the two types of paper only based on this external basis.

Just like our company recruiting employees, many HR prefer to look at beautiful girls and handsome boys during interviews, but if they blindly look at the outside, they will essentially ignore their abilities, and then they will not be able to understand them more deeply. Whether the internal quality and development potential of employees meet their employment needs, and eventually there will be a loss of personnel. This seemingly essential behavior will naturally make many buyers who have just entered the industry often fall into the misunderstanding of choice, thereby missing more high-quality orders.

In the paper printing process, we usually choose white cardboard and coated paper as packaging boxes or packaging bags. When the salesman introduces our paper bag gift box to you, will you feel confused and feel that every kind of gift box is fine, but you don't know which material to choose? So, how do we distinguish white cardboard and coated paper?

The difference between white cardboard and coated paper:

1. The difference in whiteness

When it comes to color, some purchasing friends who have just entered the business will say, "Well, I see, their color should be like this, white cardboard is white, is coated paper just copper?" This explanation Obviously not right. Although the white cardboard is surnamed "white", the whiteness requirements of the paper are still very high. The whiteness of grade A is above 92%, the height of grade B is above 87%, and the height of grade C is 82%. If the whiteness of white cardboard exceeds 90%, it will look particularly bright.

The name of coated paper is mostly in mainland China, and everyone in Hong Kong calls it powder paper. This powder paper was first developed by the British in the mid-19th century as a coated paper. The reason why it is called coated paper comes from Europe. At that time, when Europe used this paper to print famous paintings, it used a printing plate corroded by copper plates, and the name of coated paper was more based on its use. Although the demand for whiteness of coated paper is also very high, it is not divided into A, B, and C categories like non-jammed paper. The requirements for whiteness of coated paper are more uniform and strict. It needs to reach more than 85% white In order to ensure the tightness and gloss of the paper, it is also more convenient to print exquisite text and patterns.

2. The difference in thickness

When we touch it, we can clearly feel that the white cardboard is stronger and thicker than the coated paper, but the white cardboard is not as delicate and silky as the coated paper. This drop has a lot to do with their different manufacturing processes. Generally speaking, the thickness of ordinary white cardboard is 0.27-0.55mm, and the thickness of ordinary coated paper is between 0.06-0.46mm. Through continuous comparison, we found that even the same grams of coated paper and whiteboard paper, It is also impossible for them to be exactly the same thickness.

3. Differences in manufacturing processes

What is the difference between the production process of white cardboard and coated paper? During the production process, we learned that the production process of coated paper is quite complicated. It uses more of a kind of coating-processed paper in production, which needs to go through the process of bleaching chemical wood pulp or partially bleaching chemical straw pulp, and then makes coated paper base paper on a paper machine, and then needs to mix white pigment and some Other auxiliary raw materials are evenly spread on the base paper on the coating machine, and finally dried and super calendered.

The manufacturing process of white cardboard is relatively simple. It uses a single-layer or multi-layer bonded paper that is completely made of bleached chemical pulp and fully sized. Since the manufacturing process of coated paper and white cardboard is so different, the more complicated the process, the better the gift box and gift bag, which is not necessarily.

4. Differences in use

White cardboard is mainly used to make handbags, business cards, various certificates, invitations, postcards, desk calendars, etc. in life, because the straight surface of white cardboard is very smooth, and has a high degree of rigidity and durability. It is also more abrasive and less likely to be damaged.

In life, coated paper is mainly used to print the covers and illustrations of high-level books and periodicals, as well as color pictures, various exquisite commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, etc. Because it is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint, people are more sophisticated in its use. If you are going to make some company promotional pages, advertising posters, product packaging, and sample use, we will still be more It is recommended that you choose coated paper.

Pay attention when purchasing gift boxes

1. On-site inspection of factory scale

If conditions permit, it is recommended that customers go to the selected purchasing factory for on-site inspection to see if the factory has the conditions to produce the gift box products you need.

2. Product quality control

When determining whether to purchase the gift box produced by this factory, you can first ask the factory to make a sample. After watching the sample, you can better understand the quality of the gift box. If it meets your own needs, you can confirm to place an order.

3. Factory with custom design should be given priority

From the point of customizable design, it can better meet the needs of our customized gift boxes, and the gift box with packaging style design will make your products more outstanding and more conducive to your later sales, such as Jialan, we have professional designers A team that can meet your gift box packaging design needs for your company's products.

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