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How to Customize Personalized Gift Packaging for Your Brand?

How to Customize Personalized Gift Packaging for Your Brand?


In the world of gift wrapping, it's only "personality" that shines. Personalized packaging is loved by designers. They can get the latest design inspiration from the colors, materials, and production techniques of these packagings, and create advertising bags that have high communication value and can be in line with the brand's story and culture.

This kind of creative design can usually increase the initial impression of consumers when using the brand packaging from the visual sensory system, and then use the packaging combination of series design to highlight the differentiation of the brand packaging to achieve a desirable experience (promoting purchase desire) to build more possible choices for consumers to maximize the benefits of product marketing.

In the fiercely competitive marketing environment of various brands around the world, the topic of "how to customize the right personalized packaging for your brand?" has been controversial among suppliers. We all want to help customers do a good job in packaging, and use advanced equipment to help customers print perfect packaging with no color difference, correct layout and no flaws. But whether it is custom packaging done by a fully automatic machine or by hand, it requires us to complete your packaging step by step according to your custom needs.

How to Customize Personalized Gift Packaging for Your Brand?

Step 1: Find the right supplier

As mentioned earlier, the gift packaging market is a big industry globally. There are numerous factories engaged in the production of personalized custom gift packaging, including local and foreign manufacturers. But whether it is local production or cross-border procurement, it is unavoidable to choose a long-term cooperative supply relationship. The main content of their comparison is reflected in the four aspects of price, quality, production qualification, and factory strength.

Therefore, when customizing personalized gift packaging for your brand, you need to focus on the supplier's factory environment and production strength. Choose a supplier who can communicate easily and assist in the completion of the brand design packaging style. If there are certain regional communication barriers when you communicate, or the other party cannot understand the meaning of your packaging design and printing, then you can ask the other party to replace a business person who can communicate easily, or you can choose some supplies that often go out of your area business.

Step 2: Confirm the sample detail design

The birth of a perfect gift package requires repeated testing by the plate maker to create a finished product with the same color and exquisite craftsmanship as you require. Before that, our business staff will communicate with you about some details involved in the printing sample, including color, size, logo craftsmanship, handle, bow accessories, etc. As for more detailed information we will confirm with you one by one in the future work.

Step 3: Select the sample printing method

The printing method of the samples can be taken as an example of gift paper bags. For example, do you need single-sided printing or double-sided printing, spot color printing or four-color printing? These printing methods will have a certain impact on the shape of the gift packaging designed by your brand. Therefore, choose and determine the printing method that is within your budget and can show the best effect of your product packaging, which has a certain positive significance for reducing the loss of the sample production process.

If you don't understand how the packaging is printed, you can communicate with the staff directly. Of course, we will also update the packaging expertise you need to know in the later information.

Step 4: Provide an address to send samples

With your cooperation, after we have finished printing the samples, we will arrange express delivery to send the samples to you. Here you need to provide us with accurate address information. If you are outbound and have a designated freight forwarder, we can communicate with them directly for delivery and delivery. If you do not have a designated freight forwarder, we can also provide corresponding freight forwarding resources, or you can find some freight forwarding relationships for transportation and delivery.

Step 5: Confirm whether the sample is suitable

Confirming that the sample is suitable is a move after receipt of the goods. If the sample is suitable, then we can conduct secondary communication and contact the supplier to determine the production arrangement for bulk orders.

Step 6: Advance deposit to confirm production

Since the supplier you choose is a direct factory, in order to protect the interests of both parties, before mass production, most of us will require you to pay a deposit to ensure the normal production of the order.

Step 7: Choose a cross-border shipping method

The transportation method here is not much different from the previous sample delivery. If you do not go through the sample confirmation link and directly carry out mass production, you only need to provide us with the relevant information of the delivery, and we will ship the goods. After that, we will provide you with the tracking number and update the logistics information at any time to ensure that your goods are delivered within the specified time.

Step 8: Confirm receipt, order completed

Seeing this, congratulations on entering the last link! Yes, we will collect your production payment and complete your order before confirming receipt .

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