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How much do you know about paper bags flexo printing and offset printing?

How much do you know about paper bags flexo printing and offset printing?


A. Handle paper bag flexo printing and offset printing

Paper bag offset printing: four colors (cmyk), lithography: (lithography machine, wheel winding machine), photosensitive ps version: high wire, clear pattern, rich layers; Suitable for picture albums, books and periodicals, etc.

Paper bag flexo printing: 1-7 colors (special), letterpress printing: wheel rolling machine, flexible resin version: solid printing, full ink layer; Suitable for food packaging, bag making and other long single printing rate of 50-1 million times/block, environmental water-soluble ink :(non-toxic and pollution-free).

The production process is as follows: customer finalizing - blending/plate making - web printing - square/pointed bottom bag mechanism bag - finished product packing - delivery (delivery). Flexo printing is a simple block of color, line to give a strong visual impact.

B. Quotation for flexo printed paper bags

1. Product type:Environment-friendly paper bag: 

square bottom holding bag, square bottom hand pull paper bag, square bottom discount hand pull bag;

Food coating anti-oil bag: cake bag, tip bottom non-wall/partial seam coating bag, tip bottom wall/partial seam coating bag;

Offset printing products: envelope, file bag, change bag, red envelope, li is sealed, bank money bag, western medicine bag, chopsticks bag, disc bag, napkin paper bag, room card set, folding paper bag, etc.

2. Customized paper bag size:

Handbag: maximum area: 1020*540 (330*155*440) mm

Minimum area: 410*290 (120*70*230) mm

Handle bag paper thickness 70-180g

Spray film bag: M edge (side thickness), Max. 70mm, min. M edge 20mm.

3. Paper weight

Based on kraft paper; White cowhide, yellow cow skin, white coat film, yellow cow film, white cow film other kinds of paper.

The commonly used grams of paper bags are: 70g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 130g, 150g, 180g; Coating 65g, 80g, 100g.

Printing color number: it is generally recommended that customers can use up to 7 colors of 1-3 colors (the more colors, the more expensive the price is).

C. Paper bags flexo printing advantage

1. Complete equipment, high efficiency, single molding, low loss, low cost, excellent quality.

Flexo printing has advanced non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free waterborne ink 7-color flexo printing machine, automatic four-corner square bottom paper bag machine, automatic tip bottom paper bag machine, slitting hand winding machine. All large machines, complete equipment, from printing to direct production of finished products, all machine production, speed, quality assurance.

2. Water-soluble inks are non-toxic, tasteless and harmless. 

Paper bags and handlebars are all raw wood pulp, easy to degrade and easy to recycle and fully meet the requirements of food green environmental protection.   

3. There are few manufacturers, large market and many industries including food, general merchandise, clothing and sports.

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