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How do people all over the world celebrate Teacher's Day?

How do people all over the world celebrate Teacher's Day?


Teaching is a very respected and noble profession in people's eyes. Teaching and educating people is the nature of teachers. People all over the world will celebrate Teacher's Day in a different way, thanking teachers for their education and dedication to children. Have you ever wondered how people around the world celebrate Teacher's Day? Today, Jialan Package will take you through it in a whole new way.


Teachers' Day in China is on September 10 every year, and school leaders will prepare holiday gifts for teachers in advance, such as flowers, fruits, red envelopes, etc.

In the eyes of Chinese parents, celebrating Teacher's Day is actually more of a comparison style. Many family committee members will ask parents to pay for expensive Teacher's Day gifts such as high-end cosmetics for teachers, a phenomenon that is currently controversial in China.

In addition to leaders and parents preparing gifts for teachers, many children will also DIY teachers' day gifts such as a teacher's day card, handmade paper flowers, etc. by hand. This kind of gift is cheap and meaningful.


Teachers' Day in the United States falls on the second Tuesday in May. This week is called "Teacher Appreciation Week" in the United States. Americans prefer to receive birthday gifts made by students themselves. This is also the best-selling handmade materials such as wrapping paper in the United States before Teachers' Day. important reason.


Teacher's Day in Russia is the first Sunday in October every year. Russians celebrate Teacher's Day in a very special way. In addition to the teacher's one-day vacation, there will be a celebration party. Students will send 3, 5 or 7 white flowers to the teacher on this day, which means innocence and purity.


Germans celebrate Teachers' Day on June 12, and the most popular gift given by German students to teachers is chocolate. Chocolate is a speciality food in Germany, and teachers also write thank-you letters to students.

"Teacher" is a very sacred profession in Japan, and Japanese teachers will be equipped with "teacher badges" on their chests when they travel. Passengers will also give up their seats to teachers when they see them. Even Japanese supermarkets will specially provide Teachers with teacher certificates prepare special discounted products.

In Japan, it can be said that teachers celebrate "Teachers' Day" every day.


Singapore still has strict control over gifts for Teachers' Day, and they do not encourage parents to send too expensive gifts to teachers. Therefore, before the arrival of Teachers' Day, schools in Singapore will often convey to students and parents that "students and parents are not encouraged to buy gifts for teachers."


Thailand's Teacher's Day is relatively grand. In addition to Teacher's Day on January 16 every year, there is also a week of Teacher's Day in June. On this day, the students will put on traditional Thai clothes to express their gratitude to the teacher.

Teachers' Day is a holiday worth celebrating, and each country celebrates Teachers' Day differently. Before the Teacher's Day, the store will prepare to purchase the wrapping paper, cards, paper flowers and other materials needed for the Teacher's Day for sale, in order to increase the profit of the store.

In fact, not only Teacher's Day, people will use a lot of wrapping paper, cards and other production materials to celebrate the National Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day and other important festivals, but how to choose a supplier to get the right price and good quality products Woolen cloth? There's just one way ,It is to find direct suppliers who can mass-produce holiday-wrapped gifts.

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