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How do gift companies order holiday gift boxes? Jialan Package gives you professional purchasing advice

How do gift companies order holiday gift boxes? Jialan Package gives you professional purchasing advice


Holidays and gifts are two different ways to bring emotional excitement to people. People like to send gifts of love to relatives and friends around them on special festivals. When giving gifts, people will carry out special packaging, choose personalized, novel wrapping paper or original gift boxes to wrap gifts and surprise friends!

Different people have different needs for holiday gift boxes. For example, when a company boss prepares holiday gift boxes for employees, they will consider the practicality of the gift in terms of cost and the contact experience brought to employees by the overall appearance of the gift box. So, how do gift companies order holiday gift boxes? Next, Jialan Packaging will give you professional purchasing advice!

As a gift company, before choosing a gift box supplier factory to supply gift boxes, you need to classify and target the consumer groups you face. Crowd targeting can help us determine the amount and budget to buy. For the positioning of consumer groups, we can first divide them into four levels: A, B, C, and D. For example, Type A is for corporate customers, Type B is for newlyweds, Type C is for holiday customers, and Type D is for business customers.

Category A: For users who order holiday gift boxes within the enterprise. This type of user's demand for holiday gift boxes is seasonal, and their demand depends on the number of employees in the company. Generally, large-scale enterprise users will pursue the goodwill brought by holiday gift boxes to employees. They have a large demand for gift box packaging and higher requirements, and even some large companies choose to customize gift boxes for their employees.

Category B: positioned as Valentine's Day, wedding gift boxes. This gift box is specially prepared for young couples and newlyweds. There is a lot of uncertainty about their demand for holiday boxes. Big data can't count how many couples give each other gifts in a day, but we can know that in each country's Valentine's Day, this kind of Valentine's Day gift box or flower gift box with a design of love is the most popular in the market.

Category C: For those who need birthday gift boxes. A certain day of the year may be someone's birthday. This person can be an elderly person or a child. In real life, people pay special attention to the birthdays of the elderly and children. On birthdays, family members will specially prepare some birthday gift boxes to give back to relatives and friends, and relatives and friends will also bring all kinds of birthday gifts to express their wishes for the birthday party Gift.

Class D: positioned as a business gift box. In business cooperation and competition, people often use some special festivals to achieve their own business cooperation purposes. The "gift box" acts as a bridge here. People will choose some high-end and atmospheric gift boxes to wrap gifts to show the identity of each other.

After the gift company has clearly positioned the consumer group, we still need to determine the type of holiday gift box we want to order. In the current market, gift boxes that can meet the needs of gift companies can be roughly divided into two categories, one is customized holiday gift boxes, and the other is general-purpose holiday gift boxes.

1. Customized holiday gift box

Generally speaking, for some high-end companies, they are very focused on private orders. They prefer to have the company's logo printed on the holiday gift box for employees or partners, and even some customers will find a professional designer to design the desired gift box model and directly ask the factory for customization.

Of course, because their MOQ is too small, many factories cannot directly place orders privately. If your gift company can meet the requirements of customers, it will bring more confidence in long-term cooperation to customers. You can solve the action of customizing holiday gift boxes, and to a certain extent, it can also achieve the maintenance of the company's existing customers and the improvement of the conversion rate of new customers.

2. Universal holiday gift box

The universal holiday gift box is designed and produced by the factory direct sales, which is a gift box that can be sold directly. Such as baby birthday gift boxes, wedding partner gift boxes, Valentine's Day gift boxes, etc. Jialan Packaging Factory can provide your gift company directly. 

In the sample room of jialan package, there are thousands of gift bags and gift box packaging suitable for gift companies to sell, including some large-scale holiday gift boxes, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, baby's birthday, etc. If you have special customization needs You can also contact us directly, tell us the number of boxes you need to buy and your budget, we will provide you with the most suitable gift box ordering plan!

Finally,I will tell you something  about Jialan Package  Factory.Jialan Package is a powerful gift packaging factory from China,We have top designers and sales teams in the industry. Our production is strict, and the workers are careful and diligent. The quality pass rate of our gift packaging is as high as 99.5%, which is deeply loved by customers in 26 overseas countries.

we can provide one-stop gift packaging OEM/ODM solutions for customers all over the world! Contact us now to customize your holiday gift box!

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